Using paint from the recycle store

10/2/14 - Last month I stopped in the recycle store and found a couple quarts of exterior paint.  The first can I opened was grey.  I painted the blocks out by the barn. I really should paint the bottom row too but I barely had enough to cover what I did.  I think I will stop out there for now.

The next can had the mauve color I have put on the arms and bottoms of these old chairs.  I really like the yellow color but.................... I had one more quart of paint.  It is a bright red, oil based paint.  I have given the chairs one coat, not shown here because right now they look awful!
I hope to give them one more coat tomorrow with better results.  The paint stayed sticky for a long time, has brush strokes, looks awful with the mauve colored arms - all in all kind of a mess. Will update tomorrow.

I have been trying to get the yard in shape for winter.  Pulling the dead plants, picking the last of the tomatoes, bringing in the ferns, houseplants, etc.  It is hard to believe cold weather will be on us soon!  I heard an awful lot of walnuts falling this afternoon so I may not be mowing anymore - too hard on the blades.  I should put the rotary mower on and make a good swipe back down the lane.

Here is my version of a bottle tree. I am tired of whatever kind of bush this is so I have cut the limbs and leaves off a couple times this year and added bottles.  No fancy store bought decorative bottles here.  This one contains some old bleach bottles, lemon bottles, ketchup bottle, Vicks jar, water bottles, and even a wine bottle or two. : )  

The newly painted chairs are below.  Not that happy with the outcome but maybe next year I will paint the arms and base a more compatible color. Main thing accomplished, they are preserved.

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