Trailer In the Woods, Lost Woods

10/10/14 - There is a beautiful view from the deck of the mobile home and a peaceful feeling at the site.  I have really enjoyed hanging out back there while removing debris and preparing for the removal.  Barely visible to the right in the top picture is a wonderful campfire area.  It has a picnic table, and carved wooden bench as well as several BIG rocks suitable for sitting.  The carport will remain, and the little storage shed.  I have such a wonderful woods, I guess that is why I could never see a need for going somewhere to camp!

10/10/14 - Update on the trailer in the woods situation.  The original guy says he still wants to remove it.  So, I didn't have to make more calls!  I did head back there and loaded up a few of the scrap items.  I will take them to the scrap yard early next week.  I better upload a photo or two of the trailer onsite since it will be gone by the end of the year.  Hopefully the universe that hates a void will fill this space with something good...........................

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