Morning with JM and the Super Cake

10/6/14 - I got a text this morning before daylight wanting to know if I had a cake stand.  It was from my son who arrived shortly after that with three layers of chocolate cake and  a pan of chocolate frosting.  He had made a cake for his girlfriend's daughter and was wanting a cake stand to put it on. 

After accessing the situation he decided more icing was needed so he proceeded to make a double batch of butter cream frosting. This took a whole 2# bag of powdered sugar.  He put the chocolate frosting between the three layers, and added the white buttercream for sides and top.  Here is John Michael adding the beginning of the decorations.  I don't have a picture of the completed cake........which I hope he was able to transport back to his place in one piece.  I am sure he will post a picture or two to his Facebook page.

I did learn something about JM this morning.  I've always known he likes to cook and thinks it is all easy, afraid to tackle nothing.  He even talked about making his own yeast!  I don't think he does this but I know he has gone to making his own pizza dough for his pizza place. Oh, what I learned.....
John has always loved basketball and was in sports at his high school - knew that BUT  I guess he also was in Home Ec class in High School with the girls and beat them all 2 Times in a cake decorating contest! 

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