To do or Not To Do

October 21, 2014 - Here is a partially completed Christmas ornament from an old Lee Wards Zoo Felt Ornament Kit dated 1973.  Someone had the reindeer started and a few pieces cut out for some of the other ornaments.  I can see why they didn't finish them.  Lots and lots of pieces and intricate details with hand stitching. 

I was going to list this on Ebay but wonder if I could put these together.  I have cut out the Owl and thought I might try one.  Funny thing is, I don't even put up a tree anymore!  They would make a nice gift tag, but I don't do gifts either! HA!

I remember reading about a couple of girls who had a business completing crafts and projects that other people had started and lost interest along the way.  I can understand that with some needlework projects  it would be a good thing to have done because of the initial investment - I have seen kits at $50 and more.

Completed felt Christmas ornaments as well as the kits are selling higher than I expected on Ebay.  Some are around $40. An especially pricey one is by Bucilla of .Cinderella  - this kit of 4 completed ornaments sold for $80!  The Alice in Wonderland troupe of felt ornaments appear to sell well, too. Bucilla seems to be one of the more popular brands of any type of needlework kit, more collectible.

Well, that's it.  My thought for the day - To Do or Not To Do these ornaments??????????

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