Building Blocks Mystery Shawl, Stephen West

I am knitting the 2016 Stephen West Mystery Shawl featured through Ravelry.  I have just started Section 7, Week 3's Clue.  I got a late start and many of the participants have already finished.   This link should take you to a forum post filled with photos of some of the other participants shawls.  I love looking at all the different results from the same pattern.  According to Ravelry there are a "known" 2,510 people who have signed up for this project.    The pattern calls for a lot of Stitch markers.  I finally ended up getting into my beading supplies and making several with Tiger Tail beading wire. 

Below are a couple pictures of Stephen with two examples of his Finished Objects.


Since the first grade........

My family moved to this farm when I was in the first grade.  Of course, time passed and I have lived a lot of different places.  But, here I am, back at the farm. In fact, I have been back here full-time for the last 10 years.  This summer I have been staying in my old bedroom.  The main reason is because it can get TV reception. The room is small but little nooks and crannies offer lots of places for storage.   The drawersto the right contain all kinds of beading and craft supplies, as does the desk aross from it  I hung the silly orange lighted mirror picture (it plays surf sounds when lighted and turned on) in anticipation of using this room for meditation.  HA!

The only thing I am really dissatisfied with is the darn TV.  First of all it is too big for my little room and secondly look at the visible wires used to run the thing.  I could scooch them all under the bed but every time I jiggle or move them, the picture goes out.  I've tried this same TV in my big bedroom but it only gets a few stations in there. So, until I can figure out this problem I may just continue to sleep in my old childhood bedroom.


Farm maintenance

Here is an example of some of the work associated with living at my place  A couple of weeks ago I put the bush hog on the tractor (not an easy job for a 70-year old woman) and mowed down the decorative grass the runs along the road in front of my house.  After mowing, it is really necessary to  burn the remaining mess. 

I got that job accomplished this afternoon.   Last year I didn't mow it down and when the snow comes the tall grass works like a fence.  It stops the snow and makes impassable drifts. I think my neighbors with be happy when the smoke clears.


Friends at the Light Festival

Here are some photos taken Sunday at the Light Festival at Sharonville, Ohio on Sunday November 20, 2016.  That's me on the left wearing my Exploration Station Shawl - a Stephen West Mystery Shawl project from a couple years age. (Looks like I need to adjust that thing........ I hope I didn't walk around all day wearing it like a giant bib!) 

Here is Debbie. In this picture she is trying out the DoTerra oils.

There is a lot to see and do at The Victory of Light festival.  It has gotten a lot bigger over the years.  It is held in the Sharonville Convention Center.  This particular 2-day event has speakers all day long in addition to the vending area that consists of 3 large rooms.   I guess I have been attending this type of show too long because none of the topics were of much interest to me.  The couple of lectures I attended contained  very basic info I was already acquainted with.  I did win a drawing and received a free psychic reading.  Nothing in the reading I wanted to hear either  It basically ended up being a session with the man telling me to sell my farm.  It does enter my mind to put my place up for sale but that isn't any new information.  That is something I think and wrestle with every day.  I am pretty much convinced there is nothing to be learned from a psychic reading that you don't already know.  I paid for another reading and this woman spent five minutes describing my aura!   How in the heck is that helpful?  Then she got on the farm and more advise to sell................ blah, blah blah

Besides me and Debbie another friend and neighbor, Ann, made the trip with us.  She currently has her poperty up for sale.  I'm kind of waiting to see how that goes for her.  We are both too old to be doing all the work involved in keeping up the type of  places we own.  The difference is - her family is behind her making the move.  In my case, my son would be very upset if I sold. Decisions, decisions!


AGE 70, Still Standing November 2016 -   Just adding an updated photo to my blog.  I made it through all the (January/February 2016) cancer radiation/chemo treatments and have had a couple good reports through PET scans and PAP tests since my last radiation treatment February .  I do still have some kidney issues as a result of either the original tumor or the treatments.  I am not really clear on all of that.  Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to record all of the procedures I have been through.  It is just for my personal records since the paper I have them noted on seems to keep getting lost.  My original cancer diagnosis came in October of 2015.  Since then I have been subjected to the following hospital procedures, most of which  required anesthesia (in bold). The Nephrostomy and PIC Line were placed under a local.......

Daily Radiation (5X week) started 1/5/2016 and ended 2/23/16)
Chemo once a week began 1/6/2016 with last dose on 2/11/16 - I think one treatment was cancelled because of kidneys.  I also had a lot of infusions during this period, but didn't really track them.  They usually followed the radiation treatments with some extras thrown in after the external radiation ended. I think the PIC line was in until April sometime because of additional hydration treatments.

11/19/15 - Cold Knife Biopsy
11/23/15 - PET Scan
12/24/15 - Left Stent
 1/05/15  - PIC Line inserted
 1/28/16 -  Internal Radiation
 2/01/16  - Bilateral Stents
 2/04/16 -  Internal Radiation
 2/12/16 -  Internal Radiation
 2/18/16  - Internal Radiation
 2/25/16  - Internal Radiation
 4/15/16  - Bilateral Stents
 7/11/16  - Bilateral Stents
 8/23/16  - PET Scan
 8/25/16  - Flat X-ray of Kidneys
 8/29/16  - Nephrostomy Tube & Bag
10/18/16 - Bilateral Stents, Neph tube removed

Well, that's it for now. I will be receiving a call Mid January for my next Stent Replacement surgery.

No wonder my eyes show a little of the strain!  Not quite myself but feeling better and better.