Honor your Belly Belt

I have made my own "Honor Your Belly Belt" based on a project featured in the book Crafts for the Spirit and created by Lisa Sarasohn.  The idea is to celebrate your belly as your body's sacred center—the site of your soul power, the abode of the Sacred Feminine as she dwells within you.  Decorate your belt with an ancient symbol, perhaps one that you've received in a dream or vision, that identifies your body's center with the universal center, the source of life.  I have used the eye of Horus.  To me it is a symbol of power as well as healing, renewal and a powerful protective amulet.   I will probably add a reiki symbol in the near future.

Sarasohn, a veteran Kripalu yoga teacher and writer on yoga and health, writes that the life force focused in the belly "activates your physical, emotional and spiritual vitality. It's the source of your passion and creativity, your courage and confidence, your capacity to love fully. It's the starting point of your intuition, insight, and sense of purpose." In this scenario, a bloated, uncomfortable belly is the sign of something out of balance in your life. Sarasohn sees the belly as the site of women's soul power and connection to "Source Energy."  The Honor Your Belly Belt is just one part of a program Lisa has created to reclaim this sacred center of the body.

Also, since ancient times, priests and holy men have been wearing sacred clothing to illustrate that important, soulful work is going on.  By wearing this special garment when "working", it is my hope that all the creative circuits in my soul will be operating and releasing into the ethers the best of my crativity.

This piece has an inside pocket for placing crystals, symbols, affirmations.   I sometimes have a "bloated, uncomfortable belly" since all of my radiation treatments.  A little extra loving, healing attention focused on this area can only help.

Here is a picture of the belt created by Lisa Sarasohn.  She is asking $250 for this piece.