I really loved this charming, handmade buckle from the Hippie era. When held, it felt like it had a story to tell, kind of special. I wondered about all the places it's been. However, it sold quickly on Artfire and is on the way to Sicklerville, NJ for a new chapter of its existence. Oh, well, heaven knows I have plenty more things to sell and letting go is what this is all about.
In fact, I am on my way to Aurora this morning to meet a potential buyer for the house there.
I sure have my fingers crossed and hope to sell. Whenever it happens, that will be another bittersweet sale. I love the town, and the river view and the spacious rooms but do not want the upkeep, expenses, etc. The trick is to learn to "bloom where we are planted." In my case, it appears to be the farm. Ol' Shangrala!



I sold enough stuff on Ebay the last few weeks to buy a new flat screen TV......ahhhhhh, I feel like a member of the middle class again. I don't have cable or direct TV but I can get more than 2 channels. But now, the TV is making my computer look bad! Who cares? Life is good!


Lots of Baths. . . .

I hate dusting and, it's been awhile since I tackled this group. But they've all had a bath and I can live with them again. Why do people collect all this crap?