Painting again

My 88-year old aunt wanted her kitchen painted yellow. So I'm working on it. No pale yellow for us....says she might like to have her living room pink/rose. I'm liking this!


No rest for the wicked. . . .

While in Aurora I went to the Home Depot for bug spray since one of the trees is covered with bag worms (that tall blue spruce with the visible brown spot in the photo below)...while there I found this 5 gallon bucket of deck/siding stain marked OOPS - regularly over $130 marked down to only $15. I've been wanting to stain the deck and gazebo down there so I bought it. I also got some deck cleaner and after spending Friday cleaning these areas I was afraid to leave it too long before staining. Would have been OK for a couple days but I remembered I've got my aunts kitchen half done and need to spend this week finishing it. What started out one wall has expanded to the cabinets and everything! So, I decided to stay Sat and finish my work so I could get back to the kitchen and my yard which is ready to be mowed again. Also, I didn't do the benches inside the gazebo but it will go quickly next time.