I couldn't help myself. . . .

I couldn't help myself......I've always had a weakness for these bald-headed, rotund. robed figures. For years I collected Chinese mud men and love buddahs so, when I saw this picture at the Goodwill in Rushville, I bought it. It had a piece of plastic instead of glass in the old black frame. The gold fabric covered mat isn't visible here either because I have it dismantled while I look for a new glass.

Yesterday I had the sudden urge to cook. I made homemade noodles and cooked chicken (I actually prefer beef & noodles). A friend of mine comented once that cooking was her hobbly. The more I think about it.....that is a wonderful hobby. Unlike collecting, you makeit, eat it, share it and its gone! No storage, no providing a place to display, no lugging around from place to place. That friend, Sandy, is coming over today and we'll be having a late lunch of Chicken & Noodles, mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes and salad??? She is an excellent cook so I hope my lunch is ok. Trouble is. . . . I am low on potatoes and need to head out of here for the store.


Discovery and Justice.. .. .. ...

This morning I discovered this freshly dug hole in the small woods beside my house. It's filled with bees. . . . . not sure what kind. They are yellow and black but not very big. I can't imagine what dug them up. There are several other tunnels evident in that area. Maybe a mole ran into the nest or perhaps an inquisitive critter heard buzzing and decided to check it out. Pieces of this nest are scattered around the opening??????? I sure hope all the other tunnel areas aren't filled with bees! A lady from the garden club said she was weeding and got into a hornets nest. She ended up with over 30 stings! I also have a bottle tree that has been taken over by another type of bee. I've been planning a drive-by shooting of insecticide. Thought I would put on a beekeeper hat, vinyl raincoat, get in my old geo drive up close and spray. Gosh, it's hardly safe to go out in your yard!

JUSTICE: A quick note about my day in court. I had filed charges against the plumber who took my $650 check and never returned. Well, last Friday we were summoned to court. He had hired an attorney. His attorney talked with the prosecutor and they worked out a deal. They said he had done a "bad thing" but would I be willing to drop the charges if he repaid me. YES! So, they counted out $650 cash, I signed a receipt and that was the end of that. I had a choice of prosecuting (which cost me nothing) or for another $150 I could have filed a civil suit against him. I think I made the right choice. When threatened with the thought of going to jail for fraud he came up with the money.

Another interesting thing happened that day. I was the very last one dealt with so I had to listen to all the other cases. One lady was being prosecuted by the state of Indiana because she had found a voucher at the local casino and cashed it. I guess she was supposed to turn it in to the casino. The amount was $701. Her case was going to trial so I don't know the outcome but if you find any vouchers laying around the casino.......guess you had better turn them in! Big Brother is watching.


Vines, vines, vines, more vines.......cut, chop, carry

I've returned from another trip to the house in Aurora. I spent the previous week cutting and weeding so things actually looked pretty good this time. I did have to get the three garbage bags and 6 overflowing garbage cans of yard wast to the curb for trash pickup. Actually I had carried several additional loads of greens across the road and deposited them for the river to carry off. So, all is looking pretty good there. The telephone wires by the back door had been pulled from the house. Since last weekend boat races were on the agenda, I thought maybe an RV treking down the alley may have caught them and pulled them down. I notified the phone company and it wasn't until the guy attempted to replace the wire that we discovered the vines had wound and grown over much of the wire. I think it was all that weight that pulled the wires from the house. All is back in order now but I will have to keep a closer eye on the meandering vines!
I left Autora on Wednesday and planned my return trip through Brookville so I could visit Whites Flea Market. It was packed. I didn't stay long but maybe next time I will make an earlier departure and enjoy a full morning of shopping.


Yard things. . . .& Why I shop at the Goodwill. . . .

I put together this photo collage with a couple of the "yard things" I've been working on. There are two pictures of the bowling ball with pennies in place. I am supposed to fill in with rust colored grout. I haven't done that part because I am enjoying seeing the ball in my yard. It really looks pretty with the sun reflecting on the shiny pennies. Grout directions suggest that you keep it dry for 21 days so I'll get to that part a little later. Also pictured are some plant markers made from twigs. They will be finished as soon as I add a coat of polyurethane to protect them from the weather. I've also made two vine wreaths (not in the pic) from materials in the woods. The neighbor is cutting the downed timber for firewood and said he would bring me some more vines for crafting. There are tons of vines in the back, but some are hard to get out of the trees so I'll let Jeff know I am ready for more.
As for how things have been going at the Shangrala. . . . same ole, same ole. Last week the mower belt came off the big mower and jamed in the pulleys. The belt was $115 and another $100 to have the new one installed. Today I was putting on the bush hog and noticed the front tractor tire was low on air again. Think it was just a couple of weeks ago I had to have someone help me with that$$. They seemed to think it was a leaky valve stem and replaced it, but still leaking - only 5# of pressure today . . .let's see. . . . Oh, I poked my eye with my thumbnail (just being clumsy) and was kind of out of commission with a scratched cornea for a couple days. I've got my summer fill ordered from the propane people.......600 gallons at $1.41 - can't wait for that bill! Then, I had a lawyer fee and they are still adjusting and changing my farm insurance ($1,500 - 1,700)....Jeesh! I guess I am just tallying this stuff up so my brain will realize where all my money is going. Hope I have enough left to pay farm property taxes. . . . .always used to pay in May and November....but now they like to hand out that bill (around $4000 for me) in one big payment instead of two. Oh well, it's painful either way.
I'm halting this blog for today before I get suicidial!!!! Some days the Don't Worry! Be Happy! philosophy is a little more difficult than others.
Better throw in an affirmation: Nothing but goodness lies before me. (No sarcastic thoughts or laughing out loud. . . .Louise Hay said this worked for her.)