Discovery and Justice.. .. .. ...

This morning I discovered this freshly dug hole in the small woods beside my house. It's filled with bees. . . . . not sure what kind. They are yellow and black but not very big. I can't imagine what dug them up. There are several other tunnels evident in that area. Maybe a mole ran into the nest or perhaps an inquisitive critter heard buzzing and decided to check it out. Pieces of this nest are scattered around the opening??????? I sure hope all the other tunnel areas aren't filled with bees! A lady from the garden club said she was weeding and got into a hornets nest. She ended up with over 30 stings! I also have a bottle tree that has been taken over by another type of bee. I've been planning a drive-by shooting of insecticide. Thought I would put on a beekeeper hat, vinyl raincoat, get in my old geo drive up close and spray. Gosh, it's hardly safe to go out in your yard!

JUSTICE: A quick note about my day in court. I had filed charges against the plumber who took my $650 check and never returned. Well, last Friday we were summoned to court. He had hired an attorney. His attorney talked with the prosecutor and they worked out a deal. They said he had done a "bad thing" but would I be willing to drop the charges if he repaid me. YES! So, they counted out $650 cash, I signed a receipt and that was the end of that. I had a choice of prosecuting (which cost me nothing) or for another $150 I could have filed a civil suit against him. I think I made the right choice. When threatened with the thought of going to jail for fraud he came up with the money.

Another interesting thing happened that day. I was the very last one dealt with so I had to listen to all the other cases. One lady was being prosecuted by the state of Indiana because she had found a voucher at the local casino and cashed it. I guess she was supposed to turn it in to the casino. The amount was $701. Her case was going to trial so I don't know the outcome but if you find any vouchers laying around the casino.......guess you had better turn them in! Big Brother is watching.

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