Chief Mower, Mechanic and Maintenance Person. . the farm

I thought I would take a picture of the peonies before the rain gets to them. I hope to take some to the cemetery. Peonies from the same plant that my grandmother used to take flowers to decorate her husband's grave over 30 years ago.
Then, I figured why not take a picture of my summer hobby - mowing! These pictures give some idea of the mowing I do during the season but doesn't include the small woods/garden, lot between my house and neighbor, bottom barn lot pasture area and 20 acres of trees.


Village People at Hoosier Park

Great show, happy songs from the Village People at Hoosier Park: Macho, Macho Man; In the Navy; Trashy Disco Segment and, of course, YMCA. Included was a demonstration, straight from the horse's mouth, on how to make the "M" correctly. It is NOT over your head like a monkey!


A Portrait of Milady's Eye, Eye Miniatures

I have a 1926 Mentor Magazine listed for sale http://www.artfire.com/users/Panacea. A Portrait of Milady’s Eye, is the title of one article discussing eye miniatures that were the fashion over a century ago. According to the article, the vogue for eye portraits began when the newly married Mrs. Fitzherbert commissioned famed miniaturist of that time, Richard Conway, to do a miniature of her right eye. She had this mounted in a gold locket as a Christmas gift (1785) for her husband, George, Prince Regent, who reigned later as George IV on the throne of England. The prince doted on his loved ones eyes – had often told her so. She made the romantic prince a present of one as a keepsake miniature!

From the magazine:

In Egypt the picture of an eye was a familiar symbol. It was worn as an amulet, to insure the special guardianship of Ra, the Sun God.

The “All-Seeing Eye”, omen of protection and good faith, was adopted as an emblem by the Masonic Lodge. During the French Revolution, an “eye” was the token that admitted strangers to secret meetings. But the languorous, eager, gay and youthful eyes shown here were painted only as tokens of sentiment, and had no other signifiance
. (The photo above.)
I like the Astrology Zone website http://www.astrologyzone.com/forecasts/ because it makes a prediction of how your month will go. These notes are backed up by comments on the position of the planets and which ones are causing the influence. On a personal note to me..........
Some Libras have been anxious to solve a home or property situation and have felt stymied. You can blame Saturn in retrograde all year, but all that will change once Saturn goes direct on May 30. From then to the rest of the year (until January 26, 2011), you will have smooth sailing, or at the very least, an easier time setting things in place than you have so far. Watch the days surrounding the date Saturn turns direct at month's end for subtle clues that indeed, things are moving in the right direction at long last. If you hoped to sell a house or buy or renovate one, or want to help a parent in a substantial way, the barriers to completing your goal should begin to fall away after May 30.
* The move of Saturn to direct speed on May 30 will allow you to get your home or property-related project on the launch pad. By July you should see big progress.
So, I have high hopes to get my Aurora property listed and sold by July. I swear, I will be ready to dump all my metaphysical ideas if something doesn't shake out soon with this property! Maybe I already am living my belief: You are in exactly the right place to learn the lessons you are meant to learn. And, since I seem to make the same mistakes over and over, I guess I will continue to ride the same train over and over. So, what exactly do I think my lesson is this lifetime? I believe it is to stop trying to please other people and do what makes me happy. Then, I will attract others with the same goals and aspiriations. How about you? Have you got your lifetime lesson figured out?


Porch varmits. . . .

On my most recent trip to Aurora, I finally tackled the nest that was built in the top of my back porch. I was able to pull out most of the nesting material but was unable to reattach the board because my drill was back at the farm.......100 miles away. Next time I hope to remember to pack it. While trying to get rid of that little pest, I noticed another squatter on the light globe. . . . a snail. Now what do you suppose it eats up there?


Here is my version of a table lamp..........someday I will get a "real" table for my kitchen. With these lighted grapes, there is no need for candlelight.


Weed control. . . .

I removed two wheelbarrow loads of weeds from the herb garden. There is still MORE work to do in order to get it presentable. I don't like to use an herbicide around the plants but the stone walkways are impossible to keep clean without it. There is black plastic underneath but the weeds seem to find a way...........I haven't been able to spray because the wind seems to blow here incessantly.
Check out this flag!


Amelia Jenks Bloomer

I found this photo in a "The Mentor" magazine dated 1926. It accompanied an article about Amelia Jenks Bloomer whose name is immemorially associated with that useful article of wearing apparel.. . . the bloomers. The story goes that Mrs. Bloomer tried to persuade her countrywomen to follow her example in wearing garments which she described "of more graceful and convenient character," skirts not only remained but grew in size. Women wearing pants did eventually catch on...........