Good buys.......................

1/28/15 - My solution to staying on a diet is
stay busy.  This included some shopping.  In
Anderson, there are only a couple stores -
Kohls and Carsons - worth shopping.  I have
also decided an upgrade of my wardrobe is in
order,  I love shopping ---- well, I used to love
shopping at Goodwill.  Nowadays it seems like
their prices are too high.  Oh, occasionally I
can find a bargain but I am seriously over

Yesterday I bought 2 blouses by Chaps at
Kohls.  They were originally $49 each.  I paid
$9.80 for both of them!  My sales ticket informed
me that I had saved $88.20!

The photo shows 5 pieces - all Chaps - that I purchased this week.  All were on sale.  In fact, I got all of them for less than what the original retail price of the red plaid piece.  Chaps is a little southwestern and I like that.  And, shopping keeps me out of the casino. 

Notice there are no slacks, jeans or pants.  The reason being, I will not buy anything until I can get into some of my current pants that are too tight.  I refuse to buy bigger!


Trip to Indy

1/27/15 Yesterday I attended the Home Show in Indianapolis.  Crowds were light, thank goodness.  There wasa really short line to view the home.  I thought it was a great home   They used
a lot of grey and muted colors in thedecorating.  One of my favorite things was this photo of a feather.  I have been thinking of an old friend of mine from the days when
I lived in Friendship, IN.  She moved back to her childhood home area in Middletown, OH last year.  Feathers were her thing.  So, when I saw this pic I decided it was time to contact her.  An email has been sent!

Another perk to attending the show was the
purchase of this yard globe.  It was only
$11.  I debated between this one or a blue one
Although there isn't much color to this one,. 
on my many trips to Aurora I used to pass one
like this.  It always caught my eye.  I thought it was mystical.  Also, maybe it will fit in with my
"Moon Garden" theme.

All in all - a fun day!


Tarot Birth Cards

1/24/15 - I have been looking into How to Calculate your Tarot Birth Cards.  Here are MY results from 3 different methods.  You can find your cards HERE. Or, The Tarot School provide an online Birth Card calculator to do all the hard work for you!

Method One Revealed 3 - The Empress

Method Two Revealed 12/3The Hanged Man/Empress  = The unusual Hanged Man waits on the fecundity of The Empress to give birth to his new perspective. Children can take many forms, ideas or babies: she protects their growth and nurtures them all with motherly love and care.

4  Famous People with this combination – Here we find Hilary Clinton with her concern for women’s rights, Thomas Paine and The Rights of Man, Charles Dickens emphasizing the importance of charity and, rather fittingly, Casanova. 

Method Three Calculating a Personality and Soul Card Revealed 21/3 - The World/The Empress
This method is used by Mary Greer. Instead of Birth Cards, she refers to the pairs as Personality Cards and Soul Cards. Personality Cards represent what we have entered this lifetime to learn, while Soul Cards represent what our sole purpose is across multiple lifetimes

The World card suggests a long term goal achieved - also acceptance of responsibility and personal power.

How to Interpret Your Birth Cards

Once you have calculated your Birth Cards, you can then begin to interpret them and understand what role they have in your life.
Take your Birth Cards out of your deck and study them. Ask yourself:
  • What do I need to learn from this card?
  • What symbols, colours, pictures, features or stories am I drawn to?
  • How can I face the challenges shown in this card?
  • How can I make the most of the opportunities shown in this card?
  • How can I tap into the deeper qualities and talents of this card?
You may even want to sleep with the card under your pillow and take note of any dreams you have. Or, pop the card in your handbag or wallet and glance at it throughout the day to see what else comes to you.

Quick Meaning of Empress: Fertility, femininity, beauty, nature, abundance
Quick Meaning of World: Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel
Quick Meaning of Hanged Man: Suspension, restriction, letting go, sacrific

Magic door...............................

1/24/15 - It happened again!  I come home to find a bag filled with goodies hanging on my doorknob.  This time a bag with a handmade cross and a Thank You Card from a friend.  I guess she learned to make house blessing crosses while on a trip to Sedona, AZ.  I already have it hanging in the living room. :) 

Today, I am thinking about taking a trip to Noblesville to visit a shop called Good Journeys.  They are planning a Holistic Health and Psychic Fair Feb 28 - March 1.  I will attend that but have decided to hold off on making the trip today.  After checking their products, they do not appear to have that much inventory.  More of a meeting place. 

Speaking of meetings, I got a notice from a site I haven't visited in years.....meet-up.  It was describing a new group of spiritually minded people who will be starting a meetup once a week with workshops.  Since it is only 5 miles away, I, of course, signed up to join. 


1/21/15 - While rereading my post from yesterday, I noticed a statement that applies to me:

Successful people don't rationalize.
Two things determine if a person will be a success: reasons and results.
Reasons don't count while results do...

I often find myself rationalizing.  In fact, I say I am good at it.  After reading this I had better make some changes. 

Also, I went to the internet to research tinnitus and connection to the spirit realm.  Here is one of the simplest explanations.  It seems to be like any uncomfortable sensation.  If you relax and "go into it", results are better. Some recommended stones to develop clairaudience can be found HERE.

I've posted these earrings because they are like a pair I bought while in Broad Ripple.  I gave $6 for my pair.  When I got home,  I looked for them on EBay.  They have Tree of Life Earrings in Sterling Silver selling for 99cents with free shipping!  Lesson here is to check things out before impulse buying.  On the other hand, I have missed out on some good deals by not acting..........................Uh-oh, there I go with the rationalization.   Got to work on that!


Lecture Summary

Summary of the lecture I attended yesterday

First: how we loose our freedom because we won't let go

The Monkey Trap Story :: How To Catch Monkeys

Monkey-hunters use a box with an opening at the top, big enough for the monkey to slide its hand in. Inside the box are bananas. The monkey grabs the banana and now its hand becomes a fist. The monkey tries to get its hand out but the opening is big enough for the hand to slide in, but too small for the fist to come out. Now the monkey has a choice, either to let go off the banana and be free forever or hang on to the nuts and get caught. Guess what it picks every time? You guessed it. He hangs on to the banana and gets caught.

:: Moral of the Story ::

We are no different from monkeys. We all hang on to some nuts that keep us from going forward in life. We keep rationalizing by saying, "I cannot do this because..." and whatever comes after "because" are the nuts that we are hanging on to which are holding us back.

Successful people don't rationalize.

Two things determine if a person will be a success: reasons and results.
Reasons don't count while results do...

Second reference to the four A's (actually there is a book published about this entitled The 5 "As": Acceptance, Affection, Appreciation, Approval, and Attention: The Journey to Emotional Fulfillment ) -------- The lecture referenced only 4 A's : Affection, Appreciation, Attention, and I guess he lumped Acceptance and Approval together, calling it Acceptance.

It was interesting that he believed: "Numerology is the blueprint for our lives." He believes it determines a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. It can be used to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm your talents or simply figure out where to go next, numerology can be a penetrating tool that helps you understand yourself and loved ones better. Numerology presents the whole picture, revealing all the diverse parts of your personality and how they come together to create the person you are. With this complete view, you are able to make the most of your strengths.


One of the most interesting things the speaker said:  Ringing in your ears, tinnitus is the universe speaking to you.  He believed although you may not be able to make out words, etc. you are being fed information this way.  He said you should go to sleep focusing on this ringing.  -  I was told something along these same lines at another time.  So????????

Another suggestion he made was to daily make your bed, be sure to do your dishes, drive a car that is clean on the inside.  I believe the purpose of this was in line with the idea that habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life, and a significant element of happiness. If we have habits that work for us, we’re much more likely to be happy, healthy, productive, and creative.


There was also a brief mention of eliminating the woulda, coulda, shoulda,  and aren't there a couple others??????????????? 



That's about it.  That is what I took away from the meeting.  



Monday.................. Love my friends and neighbors

Monday - I love my friends and neighbors although
I wonder about their opinions of me...... For
example, I am 68 years old.  Check out the
outfit my neighbor brought over for me, the
black one with sequins, crosses, hearts and
stuff that looks like a gang member might
wear!  But, you know what?  When its cold
I put that on. 

Now the earrings........a little wild?  Maybe.
A really good friend got a deal of 2 pair of
earrings for one money.  She found only one pair
that she liked but thought this looked like
something I might wear.  The feather cinched
the deal for her.

I think just for the heck of it I will wear them
to that meeting tonight.  The owl that hangs in
my upstairs hall approves.

Perhaps I am a little weird and they know me
pretty well.

It is a beautiful sun-shiny day today,  Although the snow is almost gone except for a few traces,
it is still a little chilly.  I wonder if it would be going too far if I wore my weird jacket purchased at a yard sale.......................


Red in the Morning

1/17/15 - Although we have
a forecast for a warm-up, I
don't think it is going to be
a very nice day.  My kitchen
floor was glowing red this
morning from the sunrise. 
You know what they say:


http://www.theweatherprediction.com/habyhints/139/ Of course, this saying (weather folklore) has some profound problems such as:

(1) The sky can be "reddish" near the sun at dawn and dusk (with or without clouds)
(2) storm systems do not always move straight west to east
(3) cirrus can occur without a storm system approaching or leaving. Clouds can cover one side of the sky or the other without being directly associated with a storm system
(4) the meteorological sailor may delight at an approaching storm system even while taking precautions at the same time
(5) rarely do the clouds from an approaching or exiting storm system only cover 1/2 of the eastern or western sky. The saying represents an ideal case.

SUMMARY: If you can see the sunrise but the west part of the sky is dark: look out for approaching bad weather. If you can see the sunset: the weather conditions will be nice. 

Today is Knit'nBitch day at Panera.  I am going to be energetic and take some pictures for posting on their FB website.

I also had a dream last night that I sold/traded houses with the neighbor across the road. I was looking out their door over to my old house and feeling "Oh, no!" Above is the back side of my "gingerbread house" in the country.  Probably built in the 30's or 40's - complete with a meat house and well house.  I heard that a previous home at this site had burned.  I know while mowing I have to avoid  some leftover cement foundation west of the front porch.

When I hear the news and they are talking about replacing all of the fire stations (multimillion taxpayer dollars) because they are OLD - some built in the 30's and headquarters, built probably 70's - I think, my house is old, tool  Sometimes you can't afford to replace everything.

 I can think of at least two places where I have lived that have been torn down...............However, the old Rector Apartments where I started out my first marriage in 1965 is still standing.  Rent at that time was $50 a month.  My!  How things have changed.  People pay twice that for a phone or to watch their own TV!


Become the Captain of Your Own Ship.......................................

Some friends and I are attending
this presentation in Broad Ripple on
Monday, January 19.

For a $20
investment we will become the
captains of Our Own Ship.  Be sure to get our reviews here
next Tuesday. 

We also need to
leave early enough to partake of
some of the nice shops located
in this area.  I even noticed a
knit shop a couple of blocks
from The Playful Soul.  : )


Out and about ..................................

1/14/2015 - I am out and about in this 10 degree weather.  My task for today is to make an estimated tax payment on the money I won in December.  After a discussion with my accountant, it was determined that a check for  25% to federal and a check for 5% to Indiana would probably cover it.  So, $8,000 of the $25,000 is gone for taxes. Now,  I still have $17,000 to put towards the purchase of a car that I can pay 7% more sales tax on.................

Uh-oh.............book sale at the library today.  I just filled up a bag for $1. Included are some fiction books.  I just can't stand TV most of the time.  So much news, too many commercials, and more things I don't like to watch.  Guess I will try reading along with my crochet/knit hobby and sudoko puzzles.


Junk..............not old junk, New JUNK!

1/13/15 - Well, that's all I get on this screen - black!  Its out, over, kaput and less than 3 years old.  I have some little portable TV's in the barn that are probably over 15 - no 20 -years old and still work (with a HD TV descrambler)!  What is it with this throw away society?  Is anything made to last anymore?


Crochet a Cat Toy

11/12/15 - Its another cold winter day so I am staying inside.  First I think I will work on making a cat toy (directions at end of post), then make some lavender jelly.  That should keep me busy for awhile.

Lilu likes the cat toy ------------ when a human is on the other end.

Lion Brand Bouncy Door Hanger Cat Toy to Crochet

With A, ch 41.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, in last ch, work 2 more sc (3 sc total in last ch). Working along opposite side of foundation ch, sc in each ch, work 2 sc in last ch, slip stitch to first st.
Fasten off.

With B, ch 31.
Row 1: 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch to end.
Fasten off.

With C, ch 2.
Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in first ch. Place marker in first st for beg of rnd; move marker up as each rnd is completed.
Rnd 2: Work 2 sc in each st around - 12 sts.
Rnd 3: *2 sc in next st, sc in next st, rep from * around - 18 sts.
Rnd 4: *2 sc in next st, sc in each of next 2 sts, rep from * around - 24 sts.
Rnds 5 - 9: Sc in each sc around. Begin stuffing firmly, insert bell into stuffing.
Rnd 10: *Sc2tog, sc in each of next 2 sts, rep from * around - 18 sts.
Rnd 11: *Sc2tog, sc in next st, rep from * around - 12 sts.
Rnd 12: Sc2tog around.
Fasten off.

Sew ends of Hanger together. Sew Squiggle to Hanger. Sew Ball to end of Squiggle.
Weave in ends.


Leaf Spirit Tree Witch Ball, Witch Ball, Gazing Ball

   1/11/15 -  Spheres of light to brighten your home cometh no evil in your house to roam

An article in the newspaper asking "Is there a Gazing Globe in your Garden's Future?"   got me to thinking about globes and witches balls.  While looking into types of Gazing Balls, I ran across something new to me - A Spirit Tree Witches Ball like the one shown at left and available at http://kugelhouse.com/
The Spirit Tree represents spiritual sustentation. The ability to reach out and touch the heavens and the earth for light and gravity providing stability, and well being. The experience of a Greater Power through nature. The personal meaning that one finds within the sphere is only limited by imagination.
Witch Balls are free blown glass spheres, with 3 to 5 strands inside for collecting evil spirits and the like. Each one is unique with color, strands, bubbles, and size. The size is about that of a grape fruit. Witch's Balls were very popular in 18th century England, but their actual origin is thought to be much older. For well over 300 years hollow glass spheres have been hung in windows to ward off witch's spells, evil spirits and ill fortune. Hanging these decorative balls in the window is thought to tantalize evil spirits which may be threatening a home's tranquility. The evil spirit is mesmerized by the ball's reflective beauty. When the spirit touches the sphere it is absorbed and trapped in the web-like strands of the glass inside the ball.

I like the new gazing balls and would like one for my yard.  A cobalt blue or one of the mystical, luminous moon-white ones would be great.  Unlike the author of the earlier mentioned article who said he only wanted a yard ornament, I would  hope my sphere of light would not only  brighten my yard but also bring happiness, ward off evil spirits or attackers, and attract fairies.   So Be It! HA! 


Melancholy day...........................

1/10/15 - In spite of the bitter cold weather, I made it out to meet with a few old friends and classmates for breakfast this morning.

I did manage to pick up a few groceries -----------  isn't going to the grocery depressing?  Eggs $2 a dozen, Bacon $3.99 --------- I remember eggs for 55cents, bacon $1.59, bread 29 cents a loaf, hamburger 3# for $1.  Trying, today, to think of something that is better these days then in the 60's.  ........... You got anything?

NOTE TO SELF (pictured on the left):  Instead of meeting for breakfast and more food, a trip to the local exercise establishment might be good for the agenda.  A wise friend gave me the best exercise ever......................  Push yourself away from the table.


Libra Astrology for Jan 2015..........................

I look forward to Susan Miller's monthly astrology report because she explains the characteristics of each planet and the effect they have as they enter the different houses according to the date of your birth ------ all kind of a matter of timing.  I am recording her monthly forecast on my blog for easy reference.  I notice that she, as well as another source, warn against large purchases when Mercury is retrograde.  Therefore, I am putting off my car purchase until all is clear.

Also, From Branches:  Mercury ends retrograde on Feb 11, giving us a green light to sign contracts purchase cars... from www.astroblogick.com




Libra Horoscope for January 2015  find your forecast HERE.

By Susan Miller

Dates to Note for Libra:

The full moon, January 4, will be a trying time for your career. Allow extra days up to January 9 for the full moon to fully deliver its message, as all full moons express emotion for days afterward. It won't be an easy reentry into work after the holidays.

One of your best, most favorite days will be Tuesday, January 13, when Venus and Uranus will cooperate to bring you all kinds of romantic fun.

You may hear from someone you care about very much when Mercury in your house of love receives a contact from Uranus, January 14. Your heart may be beating double time!

Mercury will retrograde in your house of true love from January 21 to February 11. You can now change the pacing of a love relationship if single, or reconcile with a past lover if you are so inclined.

Do not buy electronics, appliances, furniture, or a valuable item with moving parts while Mercury is retrograde (see above dates).

Mars will light your love sector too, until January 12, continuing a trend that started December 5. This makes January an ideal time to circulate.

The new moon will continue the romantic energy that Mars brought to you, starting January 20. New moons can create a big change in your life, so take this new moon seriously. If you want to meet someone new, here is your chance. If you are attached, this is the time you can devote to one another. If you hope for a baby, this would be the time to try. If you have children now, they will bring joy.
If you still need to do something special for your home, the vibrations between Saturn and the Sun on January 23 will be the ideal day to browse.

Mars will enter Pisces on January 12, to stay until February 19 and make your day-to-day schedule quite busy. If self-employed, your services will be in high demand, and if employed by others, you will be the one in the department your boss depends on most.


You've had a very rough time over the past few years, so what you need most is a little fun and a lighter atmosphere. The holidays were supposed to supply that, but with so many planets stacking up in Capricorn at the new moon, December 21, through the end of the year and into early January, you likely had your hands full, running from pillar to post, playing host to family, and making sure that all family members felt welcome and comfortable. If you had a family member who was ill, you may have wanted to help out. Rest was the last thing on your list, but truly, you need a vacation from the holiday.

Although I don't see time for travel (but of course, I cannot see your entire chart from where I sit), I do see that leisure fun will come in the second half of January, but first you will have to get through the difficult full moon in Cancer, 15 degrees, on January 4, and influential for an extra five days. This full moon will light your career reputation sector (tenth house), so clearly there are project-related details to attend to at the start of the month. You seem to have a critic, competitor, or a detractor who seems to be in a cranky mood, and you need this person like the Titanic needs more water coming in - not at all. Pluto will be in hard angle from your home sector, so family will clearly be on your mind, when at the same time you are trying to juggle career demands. Your partner may not be any help, as Uranus will also be in hard angle to this full moon from your marriage and established partnership sector. The seventh house is not only partners, but also what the ancients called "open enemies" so if you have one, you will know about it when this person tries to ruffle your feathers. A full moon that falls in tender Cancer always brings heightened emotions, but this one seems to be especially so.

Things won't go smoothly if your birthday falls near October 7, plus or minus five days. If you have a September birthday, the mathematical degrees of this full moon will be out of range, and the same will be true if your birthday falls October 13 and beyond.

Happily, things will improve almost immediately for everyone (of every sign), once we all get through the full moon period, which will last until January 9. After that, tensions will simmer down. (All full moons will always have a halo of influence of four days on either side of the date it appears.)

If you need to come up with superb ideas, put a circle around January 14 and 27, when Mercury, in your creative sector, will receive shimmering beams form Uranus, planet of genius. On January 12, Mars will move into your work project sector, so you will start to get busy at the office. It will be helpful to have these two jewel-like days to help you generate ideas others will hail as pure genius. You will have to apply your concentration, but if you do, you will have all the cosmic support you need to bowl others over. If you are self-employed, Mars in your sixth house of work assignments means you will have plenty of new clients through February 19, and that trend will continue, thanks to a friendly solar eclipse due March 20. You won't be frantically looking for new clients either - they will be beating a path to your door. Also, the assignments you get in the first quarter of 2015 will be the kind that will allow you plenty of room to put your own imprint and style upon.

Watch that you don't go down the wrong lane on a project on Thursday, January 15, when Mars ("Rush! Go!") will work at cross-purposes to Saturn ("Stop! Take it slower!"). With so many confusing messages coming at you, sum up to your client or boss what you assume you will be expected to do, and that will save you time and energy.

The new moon this month was just made for you. Coming on January 20, it will fall in Aquarius 0 degrees, and it will light your house of true love. You've waited a year for a new moon to help boost your social life, and it's about to arrive! This new moon is very friendly because Saturn will be so friendly. If you are single, you may meet someone in the ten days that follow this new moon that remains in your life a long time. If you are attached, you can grow closer - give one another the best gift you can give another person, your undivided attention and an unmistakable sense of happiness and enthusiasm for being together.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 21 to February 11, and this planet of thinking, perception, and communication will retrograde in your fifth house of true love. This will give you a chance to adjust the pacing of a relationship you are in now, or to reconcile with a former relationship if that is something you've been thinking about doing. Mercury retrograde wants you to look back, rather than to start a new relationship or venture. This same house rules creative endeavors, so it might be that a project you had put aside a long time ago will now jump to life - you'll be excited. (It may also be that a former client you've not heard from in ages has a new one for you, and it will have plenty of room for you to add your inspired ideas.)

Mercury retrograde is not the time to sign contracts, and not the time to buy expensive electronics or machines with moving parts, like a kitchen appliance or automobile. It would not be the time to sign papers, so do your signings early in January or wait until the second half of February. (February 26 is a good day, one of my favorites.)

Now let's talk about romance, which is a big trend that is coming in this month! It stated last month with the move of Mars into Aquarius on December 5 last month, and Mars will remain in Aquarius until January 12.

Remarkably, Venus is rarely with her lover Mars, but these two surely want to be in each other's arms. The universe gives each planet plenty of assignments, and with their different orbits it is almost impossible to find them in the same sign. This month they both will be in your house of true love. (Mars takes two years to circle the Sun, and Venus, about a year to take the same trip.) Venus will enter Aquarius, an ideal place for you, on January 3 and stay until January 27. Not only will your social life become more exciting, but it's also a great time to buy new things to wear and to refresh your looks. Mercury will be retrograde soon, so act early in the month for best result. If you see an item you just have to have later in the month, carefully save the receipt in case you need to make an exchange or ask for a refund. With Mercury retrograde, anything is possible.

One of your best days will be, ironically, the same day Mars leaves your true love sector, Tuesday, January 12, when your guardian planet, Venus (the planet whose job it always is to take good care of you - Venus rules Libra), will play tag with Uranus and bring all kinds of unexpected surprises and fun in matters of the heart. This day should bring memorable experiences for both single and attached Libras, because Venus will be in your true love and fun sector, and Uranus will be based in your steady partner area. If you are attached, let your partner make the decisions - you may be thrilled with the ideas he/she comes up with on this day.

Finally, I had mentioned that you were very focused on home and family matters last month. If you feel you need a good day to address a home sale, rent, move, renovation, repair, or maintenance project, you will have the right aspects from Mars and Pluto on January 30.



Your career will be the center of your thinking at the emotional full moon of January 4. This full moon comes packed with difficult aspects from Uranus (ruling unexpected news) and Pluto (powerful, self-absorbed authority figures), so if you don't get the job you interviewed for recently, don't worry. Everyone will have problems with this full moon, and you will get other chances to find the job of your dreams. Of course, there are many possible outcomes to this full moon. The client may not buy the idea you are pitching, the company you wanted to join may announce a hiring freeze - you get the idea. Or, it may be that an idea you recommend to the client simply needs tweaking, and that would be an ideal way to have this full moon work out for you.

At the same time, you may have a sudden concern over a situation happening at home or in relation to a family member. As some examples, a perspective buyer of your condo may become unexpectedly difficult, asking for all sorts of extras that he had not voiced before you presented the contract for the sale. Or you may find a dream space after looking at many, but be dismayed to hear your partner is not impressed with the property and won't go along with putting in a bid.

There are other possibilities. Pluto, clashing with Uranus, rules the structure of your home, so you may need to make a quick but extensive repair. Another manifestation of this trend that would focus instead on the welfare of a family member, if your close relative does not feel well or is in a crisis, you will need to drop everything to assist. In any of these examples, you will need to keep your schedule light.

Life will go from glum to glorious after the January 4 full moon has waned by January 9. Mars will tour your romance sector until January 12 and will get you in a sublime mood for love. Once you get to the new moon, January 20, in the same sector, romantic and fun opportunities will spice your life in many ways. All new moons are influential for ten days after they appear, so be sure to find ways to head out the door. If you are single, you will have a marvelous chance to meet someone new, and with Saturn so beautifully oriented to that new moon, that alliance would have the potential to last a very long time. Jupiter will help you too, in terms of a friend who will want to make an introduction - let her. Keep an open heart and don't let your past relationships define your future ones.

Venus, your guardian planet in charge of taking good care of you (and also the planet in charge of good looks) will help too, by gliding in the best sign possible for you, fellow air-sign Aquarius, and settle into your romantic sector from January 3 to 27. Spend some time and money updating your looks. Shop for fabulous wardrobe bargains, visit your hairstylist or barber shop and for my women readers, also investigate the new cosmetic colors to see if any are calling your name. Improving your looks will give you confidence at the right moment, for this is the very best season of 2015 for Libra to find love. If you are already attached, you will get more attention from your partner, and together you can stir up more fun. Every Libra, of every marital status will win.

Hands down, your best days for love will be January 12, 14, and January 27. Uranus, planet of surprise, will be playing Cupid by standing behind every potted planet and tree, poised with bow and arrow. You won't have to try hard on these days - your natural magnetism will work the magic. I am splitting hairs here, though - you have an entire month of fun and love in store.


Dream Catcher Jar......................

I am calling this little pyramid-shaped jar my Dream Catcher Jar.  Since the pyramid shape offers a heightened energy field, it is perfect for holding a note that expresses my hopes and dreams for the future.

The powers of the pyramid are said to be endless and, to experience its benefits, an individual should try it with complete faith. The following suggestions originated from this website.

Some of the uses and effects of pyramids
1. Placing a pyramid on your desktop in the work place can help remove stale energy and improve the working environment.
2. Mediating under a pyramid-shaped structure can help an individual to reach a state of consciousness that can assist in self-healing.
3. Placing beverages and food under a pyramid-shaped cover will ensure they stay fresh longer and taste better.
4. Medicines placed under the pyramid will become more effective.
5. Water stored under a pyramid gets energised and, when drunk, brings relief to those with skin diseases.
6. Placing a pyramid over a cut or wound expedites the healing process.
7. Building a house in the shape of a pyramid can increase the occupants' lifespan.
8. Sleeping under a pyramid helps retard ageing and retain youthful looks.
9. Placing pyramids made with copper in the corners of the house can remove fatigue and low esteem.
10. You may receive positive results within a few days if you write a wish on a piece of paper and place it under a pyramid.
11. Placing used shaving blades under a pyramid for 24 hours can recharge the blades and the blades can be reused.
12. Used battery placed under pyramid for 24 hours can recharged and reused.
13. Covering tea or coffee under a pyramid for 24 hours can be recharged and reused.
14. The beauty and glow of an individual will improve if water stored under a pyramid is used to wash the face daily.
15. Placing the pyramid on top of the head like wearing a cap, helps to heal headache, migraine, falling hair, sinusitis, depression, insomnia and premature graying.
16. Pyramids placed on the aching part of the body can ease the pin. This can be further enhanced by drinking water energised by pyramid.
17. Placing pyramid under the chair at work or home will increase an individual's concentration (studying or working) and also improves health.
18. Placing a pyramid on the head of a student like wearing a cap helps the students to retain in their memory what they have studied.
19. Place pain relieving oils or cream under a pyramid so that further application on aches and pains will be more effective.
20. Placing toothpaste under a pyramid for three or more days and using it to brush teeth and gums relieves the user from diseases of teeth and gums.

Time to simplify and reorganize........................................

To the right is my work/computer desk.  It is the most uncomfortable thing ever to work on.  Originally made for a PC with keyboard, there is nowhere to set the laptop that feels right.  I think I will figure out a way to pitch this old desk and bring in one of the small table and chairs I have here at the farm.  Then I will have 3 tables/chairs in the house and still eat standing by the sink. LOL
Oh,  check out the cords................so much electronic junk!  Yep.  That will be my project for today.  Reorganize this area so I can enjoy my computer.  That is one of the reasons I liked the apartment.  It had a great desk/computer space! In fact, that is when and why I started blogging again.  So, it is off to reorganize.

The sign above is above my little storage shed outside the back door.  Maybe I should move it
inside for inspiration.

I did do some reorganizing to get rid of some of the clutter.  It is 1 degree outside so I decided moving furniture to and from the barn was not a good option at this time.  I did get the keyboard from the apartment and attach it to the computer.  It is so complicated I can't figure out how to use all the shortcuts and browser connections.....................that will take a whole inside snow day and maybe a wireless mouse to make it really functional.  I think I paid $45 for the keyboard many moons ago.  It would behoove me to learn to use it.

One really good thing did happen with this reorganization ---- as a result of moving the TV a few inches to the right, I can now get all the channel 63 offerings.  There are still way too many cords.  That is another bad thing about an older house.  They were built with the idea that one outlet was enough.  How that has changed!


I started Transform You..................

Adding a link HERE to the exercises .................... will have to try later.  My computer will not compute now. !!!###$$$???????

Rather than a link, I will print the first weeks exercises below:

Week 1 – Do at least 3 times during the week. 

Exercises: First 3 are for warm-up and cool-down.
Remaining exercises are done in 2 sets of 15 repeats with a 2 minute break between sets.

Exercise Overview

  • 1. Calf Stretch

    Place your hands against a wall, with your left foot in front of your right. Lean your chest toward the wall until you feel a stretch in your right calf. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides.
  • 2. Inner Thigh Stretch

    Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Shift your weight to the right; bend the right leg and keep the left leg straight. Turn your torso left until you feel a stretch in your inner left thigh. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides.
  • 3. Chest Stretch

    Bend your left elbow at a 90-degree angle and place forearm vertically against a stable object. Stand with your left leg back and right leg forward. Lean forward until you feel a stretch in the front of your left shoulder and chest. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides.
  • 4. Floor Bridge

    Lie on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your arms straight out, perpendicular to your body. Lift your pelvis off the floor until your knees, hips and shoulders are in alignment. Hold for a count of two.
  • 5. Wall Push-Up

    Begin in a push-up position on the wall: feet hip-width apart, toes on the floor, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower toward wall and push back up into starting position.
  • 6. Standing Row

    Wrap a resistance band around a stable object. Stand with your feet hip-width apart; hold the resistance band with your palms facing your sides. Bend your elbows, bringing your thumbs toward your armpits. Return to starting position.
  • 7. Squat with Hands on Hips

    Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower down into a squat position, making sure that your knees are over your second and third toes. Come out of the squat, squeezing your glutes.



Waxing Moon................................................

1/2/2014 -  At the Hoosier Park New Years celebration I went to the Fortune Teller located on the terrace for a reading.

She did a flame reading and read some runes. 

From the flame reading she told me that I had a bad shoulder which would need to be repaired/replaced at some time.  Also something about my legs. (Both true, but I am old. LOL)

The flame reading revealed angel wings and a moon.  (I do feel a strong connection to the angelic realm. I love the book Ask Your Angels and I often do ask them for help.  I have of course the parking spot angel and one that I just ask to accompany me at times known as my lucky, lucky, lucky angel.  Then for a personal guardian angel, I received that angel's name in a meditation many years ago.   It went like this:  While meditating for the purpose of contacting my angel, the name that came through to me was Harold.  I said, "Harold!"  thinking that was not a very angelic name!  Then I promptly heard, "Not H-a-r-o-l-d.  Herald., as in hark the Herald Angels Sing."  So, I have an angel named Herald.)

As for the moon that appeared on my flame message, it was a crescent-shaped moon.  The reader commented that candle wax had gotten on this portion of the card so the connection would be for me with the Waxing moon.  She told me to look up the symbolism associated with the waxing moon.  I did that today and here is some of the info I found:

Whenever the moon is waxing, especially when it's in its crescent phase and is growing, it's a propitious time to begin a new venture, experimenting with new ideas and turning over a new leaf. It's also the time to throw out what you don't need and "clean house", so to speak.  This may mean discarding the excess material things in your life or eliminating those relationships in your life which prove unsatisfying and unfulfilling.  (Well, it definitely is time for me to turn over a new leaf and also time to throw out and clean house!)

All in all, I can sum up this reading like most of the others I have received:  You already know pretty much everything they are telling you.  I guess it is just nice to receive some confirmation that there is something more to life that can't always be explained and we are not alone  ...........................


Welcome 2015....................................

This is it.  Freaky New Years Eve at Hoosier Park.  Those are midget wrestlers at right.  They were visible from our dining seats.  The show also contained Drag Queens, a man putting his face in glass, another with a meat hook through his tongue to pick up iron weights, a spike through the head ---------- and yes, this was all going on while we were dining! And, the music was so loud and the language was x-rated.......Randy swore he wasn't ever going back to that low class place. I believe I saw him stick some napkin pieces in as earplugs!  Ha!


At right are pictures of the activities taking place in the terrace.  A huge snake and other exotic, freaky critters available for petting.  The young lady is nude from the waist up.  She is being painted in lieu of clothes!   They had a wedding chapel (always do on NY Eve) - but no one taking advantage while we were there.  Probably did a multiple marriage ceremony right after midnight.

Update - this morning Randy said he would go to the Hoosier Park Brunch with me....... His boycott didn't last long.

Happy New Year!