Waxing Moon................................................

1/2/2014 -  At the Hoosier Park New Years celebration I went to the Fortune Teller located on the terrace for a reading.

She did a flame reading and read some runes. 

From the flame reading she told me that I had a bad shoulder which would need to be repaired/replaced at some time.  Also something about my legs. (Both true, but I am old. LOL)

The flame reading revealed angel wings and a moon.  (I do feel a strong connection to the angelic realm. I love the book Ask Your Angels and I often do ask them for help.  I have of course the parking spot angel and one that I just ask to accompany me at times known as my lucky, lucky, lucky angel.  Then for a personal guardian angel, I received that angel's name in a meditation many years ago.   It went like this:  While meditating for the purpose of contacting my angel, the name that came through to me was Harold.  I said, "Harold!"  thinking that was not a very angelic name!  Then I promptly heard, "Not H-a-r-o-l-d.  Herald., as in hark the Herald Angels Sing."  So, I have an angel named Herald.)

As for the moon that appeared on my flame message, it was a crescent-shaped moon.  The reader commented that candle wax had gotten on this portion of the card so the connection would be for me with the Waxing moon.  She told me to look up the symbolism associated with the waxing moon.  I did that today and here is some of the info I found:

Whenever the moon is waxing, especially when it's in its crescent phase and is growing, it's a propitious time to begin a new venture, experimenting with new ideas and turning over a new leaf. It's also the time to throw out what you don't need and "clean house", so to speak.  This may mean discarding the excess material things in your life or eliminating those relationships in your life which prove unsatisfying and unfulfilling.  (Well, it definitely is time for me to turn over a new leaf and also time to throw out and clean house!)

All in all, I can sum up this reading like most of the others I have received:  You already know pretty much everything they are telling you.  I guess it is just nice to receive some confirmation that there is something more to life that can't always be explained and we are not alone  ...........................

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