Red in the Morning

1/17/15 - Although we have
a forecast for a warm-up, I
don't think it is going to be
a very nice day.  My kitchen
floor was glowing red this
morning from the sunrise. 
You know what they say:


http://www.theweatherprediction.com/habyhints/139/ Of course, this saying (weather folklore) has some profound problems such as:

(1) The sky can be "reddish" near the sun at dawn and dusk (with or without clouds)
(2) storm systems do not always move straight west to east
(3) cirrus can occur without a storm system approaching or leaving. Clouds can cover one side of the sky or the other without being directly associated with a storm system
(4) the meteorological sailor may delight at an approaching storm system even while taking precautions at the same time
(5) rarely do the clouds from an approaching or exiting storm system only cover 1/2 of the eastern or western sky. The saying represents an ideal case.

SUMMARY: If you can see the sunrise but the west part of the sky is dark: look out for approaching bad weather. If you can see the sunset: the weather conditions will be nice. 

Today is Knit'nBitch day at Panera.  I am going to be energetic and take some pictures for posting on their FB website.

I also had a dream last night that I sold/traded houses with the neighbor across the road. I was looking out their door over to my old house and feeling "Oh, no!" Above is the back side of my "gingerbread house" in the country.  Probably built in the 30's or 40's - complete with a meat house and well house.  I heard that a previous home at this site had burned.  I know while mowing I have to avoid  some leftover cement foundation west of the front porch.

When I hear the news and they are talking about replacing all of the fire stations (multimillion taxpayer dollars) because they are OLD - some built in the 30's and headquarters, built probably 70's - I think, my house is old, tool  Sometimes you can't afford to replace everything.

 I can think of at least two places where I have lived that have been torn down...............However, the old Rector Apartments where I started out my first marriage in 1965 is still standing.  Rent at that time was $50 a month.  My!  How things have changed.  People pay twice that for a phone or to watch their own TV!

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