Carny Lingo. . . Moss Haired Girl

I've been looking through some old collectibles and came across this interesting lady. I was drawn to her because she obviously suffers from my condition . . . bad hair. I couldn't imagine a proper Victorian lady wearing this style. Upon further web surfing, I found this explaination:

Moss-Haired Girl — A "made" human oddity from the 19th century, also known as a "Circassian girl" (the Circassians are a Caucasian people living in the Caucasus but not speaking an Indo-European language). A white woman would stiffen and bush her hair, much in the style of the 'Afro' hairdo. The pitch which usually accompanied the act involved kidnapping by 'Arabs' and being forced into harem life, followed by a harrowing escape culminating in refuge there in the show.

Here is another site listing a photo (with snake and I'm sure that makes it more valuable) of Miss Zelick http://pages.maidensmemoirs.com/11571/PictPage/1922274917.html


Little Shaman

Many years ago, a friend and I made salt dough faces, feathers, tomahawks, arrowheads. I used mine to make these shaman spirit pins. As I said in an earlier post, I've been drawn to the goddess of late, so, maybe some little goddesses....Or, perhaps, some 13 Original Clan Mother art honoring the grandmothers? Maybe nothing if I don't get my fingers off the little seed beads..........

Stange effect. . . .

This photo caught my attention......is the white light beckoning?


Heirloom Tomatoes

I grew some of these heirloom tomatos last year. I distinctly remember saving some of the seeds and feeling happy that I could grow this plant from seed. The problem is that now I can't remember where I put the seeds. I attended a garden club meeting last Monday and they suggested it was time to put a few tomato seeds in some dirt and "see how it goes." They have a contest to see who can get the first ripe tomato.

There is some info on the seed packet:

Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to the preservation of heirloom seeds. Visit our website to learn how you can help save our rich garden heritage. http://www.seedsavers.org/ - I'm heading that way now!


A new age is here. . .

So I’ve read that at 2:25 am on Saturday, February 14, 2009, the Age of Aquarius officially began.

When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars!
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius!”

That sounds impressive. . . .but according to to Wikipedia and Neil Spencer:

. . ." this is `astrological gibberish' as Jupiter aligns with Mars several times a year and the Moon is in the 7th House for about two hours every day. Though the lines of this song are merely poetic licence, many people take them as a literal truth. "

Another bubble pops ……


More projects and the weather. . .

I've got a couple more unfinished projects to work on and one to redo. The little bottle came out all wrong, so I need more practice, practice, practice. One reason I am beading is because the weather here is so bad. Keeps you inside. Here's a little poem I received today that describes how things are here in Indiana.

It's winter in Indiana And the gentle breezes blow.Seventy miles an hour At twenty-five below. Oh how I love Indiana When the snow's up to your butt.You take a breath of winter And your nose gets frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderful So I guess I'll hang around.I could never leave Indiana I'm frozen to the freakin' ground!


Daily Exercise. . . .

My daily exercise includes tossing these pillows off and on the bed every evening and morning. I like a lot of pillows on the bed, but I sure get tired of loading and unloading them when I make the bed……….By the way, I hope to find a nice all-white spread and get rid of this in the near future.

Well, so far this week, it has cost me $145 in repairs to live here at the Shangrala. (That’s what I call the farm, a little sarcasm there.) The barn roof, one of 5 roofs that I’ve replaced since 2003, needed a little repair. The wind, which has been relentless, blew a piece off the peak of the roof leaving a hole about 2 foot by 1 foot . The Amish had talked me into putting a plastic panel down the center to allow in light, bad decision. Anyway, the guy replaced that section and patched several other cracks in this same material. The good new is that I am happy with this repair person. I think he can do about anything – paint, remodel, repair. Both times I’ve called him, he has come right out – charged $60 for doing these repairs, the rest was materials. I actually gave him $75 – I wouldn’t get on that roof for $10,000! More good news…..the gutters didn’t fall off from that overhang of snow!


My idea of a vacation. . . .

An ideal vacation for me doesn't include overpriced tourist attractions and outlandish prices for dinner at fancy restaurants. I gave up sunbathing years ago so even the ocean isn't a must for me. However, this John C. Campbell Folk School , is something I think I might like to do. Here's some info from the site:
From Basketry to Writing, you can choose from over 860 weeklong and weekend classes each year in a broad variety of areas. Your creative learning vacation is enhanced by knowledgeable instructors and small classes. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will find the class that's right for you. Come explore your creative side in our non-competitive, hands-on learning environment!Click here for individual program overviews and to browse class descriptions by subject.

Although I probably won't be taking any vacations until the house I have in Aurora is sold, I'm putting this place on my must do list. It has 100's of classes - 860 it claims. That should just about cover everything! They have a beekeeping class: "At the end of the course, you will be able to set up and maintain your own hive capable of producing 100+ pounds of honey each year. If everyone knew how easy it is to keep bees, they would all have a hive in their back yard! "
Of course, I would like some of the artsy classes - polymer clay, found objects, glass, etc. Right now it's just on my wish list. I will have to settle for glass beadmaking and the stained glass classes being offered at Moss Glass on eighth street. Which, by the way, a friend and I are planning to take around April. Anyone else want to attend?


Valentine's Day - 2009

Yep, that's right. Spent the evening with Rod Stewart. Well, a couple of his CD's. Like I said in the bio - I love his raspy voice. My favorite song is "Have I told you lately that I love you?"
I really went to Hoosier Park Casino with my neighbor and friend, Jane. We participated in a Slot Tournament. It was a doubles event and sad-to-say we didn't win our round so no moolah for us!


Things I love. . . .

I love creating. And, if it's mystical, magical or metaphysical, even better! So, recently I joined the Artfire selling site. Heaven knows I have tons of things to sell......You are allowed to sell Vintage items, handmade items, found items, supplies......well, all kinds of categories. Right now they are offering a special for the first 5,000 to join. For only $7 a month, unlimited listings, unlimited pictures, no selling fees, etc. etc. etc. Check it out if you are a crafter, collector or seller. By the way - if I can get 10 friends to join - it's a free ride for me!

I'm having $7 worth of fun and learning to do a lot of things on the computer. Who knows, maybe I'll even sell something. The photo here is one of the amulet bags I have made and will be listing soon. Here is a link to my store (check back often - lots of changes coming) http://panacea.artfire.com/


Excess snow. . .

Well, if this doesn't look like a gutter repair job waiting to happen.........


Love affair over. . . .

I used to say the highlight of my day was morning coffee. (Kind of sad to think that is the most exciting part of my day, don't you think?) For years, I would drink at least a pot of coffee in the mornings......and, I must have Cool Whip, instead of cream. And, pour in the artificial sweetener. I don't think any of those things are good for a person. So, my love affair with coffee is over. I've made a change. Instead of coffee, I have caffeine-free tea with honey. I only drink one cup, maybe two. Results? I've noticed I've been sleeping a lot later in the mornings. Why get up for a cup of tea?

Another health-inspired change is no more Diet Coke or soft drinks at home. That's why there is a lemon in the picture. Instead of soda, I now have fresh lemonade for a drink. I'm beginning to get used to it but I sure miss the carbonated soft drinks. I do allow coffee and Diet Coke when I'm dining out . Woohoo!

I've read that a hot drink of honey and lemon is really good for you. Someday I'll give it a try.