Daily Exercise. . . .

My daily exercise includes tossing these pillows off and on the bed every evening and morning. I like a lot of pillows on the bed, but I sure get tired of loading and unloading them when I make the bed……….By the way, I hope to find a nice all-white spread and get rid of this in the near future.

Well, so far this week, it has cost me $145 in repairs to live here at the Shangrala. (That’s what I call the farm, a little sarcasm there.) The barn roof, one of 5 roofs that I’ve replaced since 2003, needed a little repair. The wind, which has been relentless, blew a piece off the peak of the roof leaving a hole about 2 foot by 1 foot . The Amish had talked me into putting a plastic panel down the center to allow in light, bad decision. Anyway, the guy replaced that section and patched several other cracks in this same material. The good new is that I am happy with this repair person. I think he can do about anything – paint, remodel, repair. Both times I’ve called him, he has come right out – charged $60 for doing these repairs, the rest was materials. I actually gave him $75 – I wouldn’t get on that roof for $10,000! More good news…..the gutters didn’t fall off from that overhang of snow!

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