Things I love. . . .

I love creating. And, if it's mystical, magical or metaphysical, even better! So, recently I joined the Artfire selling site. Heaven knows I have tons of things to sell......You are allowed to sell Vintage items, handmade items, found items, supplies......well, all kinds of categories. Right now they are offering a special for the first 5,000 to join. For only $7 a month, unlimited listings, unlimited pictures, no selling fees, etc. etc. etc. Check it out if you are a crafter, collector or seller. By the way - if I can get 10 friends to join - it's a free ride for me!

I'm having $7 worth of fun and learning to do a lot of things on the computer. Who knows, maybe I'll even sell something. The photo here is one of the amulet bags I have made and will be listing soon. Here is a link to my store (check back often - lots of changes coming) http://panacea.artfire.com/

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  1. I noticed that one of your interests was healing energy. I am new to blogger but intend on postings some more interesting entries there that you might enjoy. I’m trying to enlighten people about homeopathy. Your blog is great.