My 2014 New Year's Eve Plans..................................

Hoosier Park’s biggest celebration of the year is about to get FREAKY FUN!
Your New Year’s Eve
Las Vegas – Style Freaky Fun
Your Complimentary Package for 2 Includes:
·         Unbelievably delicious dining in the Homestretch Clubhouse Restaurant, seatings beginning at 5pm,
reservations required  -  Our reservation is for 7PM
·         Two complimentary Crazy Cocktails per person
       Outlandish party favors
·         Free flowing champagne in the casino beginning at 8pm
·         Overnight accommodations (first called, first booked, only while they last)
·         Complimentary New Year’s Day brunch at Prime Harvest Buffet, served from 11am to 4pm
·         $100 Casino Cash WINNERS every 15 minutes from 8pm till 1am, you must be playing at a slot machine to be eligible



Out with the old...............................

12/31/14 - I believe we made the deadline!  Above is the site where the trailer was located.  I went to the courthouse today and informed them  it was no longer a residence.  I am hoping to save money on my taxes.  Before trailer, taxes on this piece of land were around $200.  After the assessor labeled one acre as residential because of the mobile home, taxes on this parcel went to almost $900 a year.  Because the trailer was in need of a lot of repair to be a profitable rental, I made the decision to have it removed. The planning commission is supposed to come out tomorrow and verify/approve the removal.  They will then contact the assessors office and make the tax adjustment.  There is a little more clean up that needs to be done but I hope this passes!  So......it is out with the old!

For New Years Eve I will be attending a celebration at  Hoosier Park Casino.  I have a dinner reservation at 7 p,m.;  the package also includes New Year's day brunch the next day.  I have a feeling we won't be staying long on New Years Eve........ Randy has the flu. 

Monday - 12/29/14.......................Auto Show

Monday - 12/29/14 - Randy and  I attended the Indianapolis Auto Show where the picture at the left was taken. I am still trying to decide what kind of car to buy since I took the $25,000 cash option instead of the $30,000 voucher to purchase a Mercedes.  Anyway, I am car shopping.  I am going to Buick today to see what kind of deal I can get on a 2015 Encore.   -  Well, I went.  What it amounts to is they want my car and an additional $20,000.  I'll have to think about all of this a little more............................


On to comparing the old piece of furniture I ran across at the flea market and put in yesterday's post with my bedroom pieces.  The top of my piece shown at left is definitely similar.            


Furniture find.................

12/28/14 - I haven't posted for awhile but I have been busy doing Christmas things.  I think it is finally over.  Today we went to Columbus, Indiana  to deliver the last Christmas gift to one of Randy's daughter.  On the way back we made a quick stop at a little inside flea market in Shelbyville.  Unfortunately we got there right at closing time.  They allowed us to make a quick lap around the place.  I ran across this piece of furniture that sure looks like it was made to go with the antique bedroom furniture I have at the farm.  I am not home yet but will compare it when I get there.  In the meantime I will get it posted before I forget.

The sad thing is that the shop owners told me it was sold.  I probably wouldn't have bought it anyway,  I may go back again when they are open to try to find out who the new owner is and if they know any more about the history of this piece.

I was told today this piece sold for $700.  The owners also said they had an appraiser tell them the piece was worth $800 to $1500.  They just wanted to sell it.  I know, big difference between low and high appraisal.

 The picture at the right was taken so I could compare it to the trim on my pieces.

Signing off...........more to do.


Friday at the Hilbert Theatre

On Friday 11/19/14, I attended a cocktail party at the Columbia Club located right on Monument Circle in Indianapolis.  The event was a Christmas Party for Investors - in this case Randy.  We met in the room at the left - of course on Friday it was decorated for Christmas (I should have taken some pics.  This is from the internet.) We had free drinks available and 3 tables of various hor d'oeuvres, i.e. shrimp, oysters, chips, cheese, pound cake cubes with chocolate carmel sauce, nuts, taco chips with cheese sauce, another type of spicy cinnamon chip, rolls for the prime beef slices, and strangely enough they served mashed sweet potatoes or regular potatoes in sundae cups offering toppings of brown sugar, pecans, marshmallows, grated cheese, green onions, sour cream.  There were artichokes in phyllo dough and other items I am sure I missed.  After an hour of socializing the party was taken outside for a walk to the Hilbert Circle Theatre also located on the Circle.  Showing there was the IPL Yuletide Celebration.  I really enjoyed this show!  A description of the event is below.  Our seats were center and about 10 rows up - really great seats!  There was such a variety of acts and performances.  Again, it was wonderful.  So good, I would even consider going at my own expense sometime!  My only regret was I didn't go out at intermission and get a free Christmas Cookie and sample of Wassail!  It would be a good event for kids too.  Lots of characters available for photos. 

In its 29th year on the Hilbert Circle Theatre stage, IPL Yuletide Celebration continues to be Indiana's greatest holiday tradition. Renowned soprano, Angela Brown, and Broadway star, Ben Crawford, return to co-host this year's performances and will be joined by ISO artists-in-residence, Time for Three, Music Director Jack Everly, a brilliant cast of Broadway's best singers and dancers and, of course, your beloved Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.


  • Last year, Disney's Frozen stole our hearts, and now we're bringing the music to life on the Yuletide stage! The cast performs songs from this instant classic, including "Let It Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman," among others, in a tribute to Frozen!
  • The Yuletide Jukebox is back, featuring a medley of pop holiday tunes such as the Jackson Five's rendition of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime" and Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You."
  • Don't forget the Yuletide traditions, including the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, There is a Santa Claus and, of course, our Tap Dancing Santas!
New this year! Limited VIP seating is now available. VIP tickets can be purchased for $250 each and include:
  • Reserved parking on Monument Circle just steps from Hilbert Circle Theatre,
  • Cookies and Wassail brought to your seats prior to the show and during intermission,
  • And a Meet and Greet with an IPL Yuletide Celebration cast member after the performance.


Winning at the game of Life.................................

12/19/14 - Winning at the game of life: the Art of Manifestation.

That is the name of a workshop I attended at Camp Chesterfield a couple of years ago.  It was presented by Michael Jones pictured at left.  He is on Facebook and can be found on the internet here  Check out his thoughts for the day on facebook, too.  Interesting food for thought.

I am thinking of him now because of my recent car win (I still haven't chosen the $25,000 cash or the car -  another day I will go into this.)  Anyway..........I appreciate the power of affirmations.  During his workshop, we spent the hour or so writing our own affirmation.  It was very interesting.  For my own reference, I am recording the affirmation I authored at that workshop below.  Note the first two steps before saying your affirmation - 1) Show Gratitude (I always say "Thank You for the gifts I have received."  I assume creator/God/spirit knows what they are.  I do not specifically list them, but acknowledge that I appreciate everything and sometimes a specific __fill in the blank.       2)  Pray for Others (I have some specific friends and situations included here in addition to peace and ease for the world in general.)  Now for my affirmation process:


Ø    Show Gratitude

Thank you for the gifts I have received.

Ø    Pray for Others

(Then say the following affirmation)

Ø    Divine Intelligence is now operating in me and through me,  arranging everything, giving me the clarity to make wise decisions and to take actions which best serve my life and those I love.

Ø    Divine Intelligence brings this about in this lifetime in perfect ways and under grace.

Ø    Nevertheless, not my will, but thy will be done.

Ø    Amen.  So Be It.

Another simple affirmation I use to start the day is:  Only good things come to me.



Everything has a story

12/18/14 - While doing some cleaning a few days ago I thought about the story behind these two abalone shells.  I purchased the first one (top one) at a flea market.  I remember the lady saying, "Will you do me a favor?"  "Well, " I said warily, "What is it?"  Her request was that I name the shell Betty.  I asked her if that was her name and with a nod of her head and a sheepish smile she said that it was.  Just last year I ran across another abalone shell at a yard sale during the big Lapel rummage weekend.  I purchased it from an older gentleman.  I proceeded to tell him the Betty story and asked if his shell had a name.  He said, "Call it Bill, Dollar Bill - that's what they call me."  So, as long as I am alive, these two shells will be known as Betty and Dollar Bill. 

As I look at the other items in this picture I see a metal winged face - not sure what this is.  Just an odd face my mother had saved and put in the little display box.  If he had a name I don't know it. 

The red Buddha belonged to my husband, Mike, before I ever married him in 1975.  I don't know where he got it but I somehow got custody when we divorced in 1995. 

The turtle sculpture is something fairly new to me.  It was left behind by the renter I had for over 14 years.  The guy who lived in the trailer I am having demolished. 

There are several arrowheads showing.  These were found here on the farm.  Again, some of my mother's treasures.  She mounted them, numbered them and has them recorded in a book that tells where and when each was found.  Only a few are in this picture.  The whole back of the 6-foot showcase contains mounted arrowheads and various other worked pieces. 

A wooden picture frame is barely visible behind the turtle sculpture, I know its there. It contains a picture post card of "Miracle"  the white buffalo.  My very special friend and teacher, Warren, gave it to me.  He has since passed but we shared an interest in Native American culture and all things metaphysical.  The story of Miracle can be found by clicking  here.

What stories are attached to the things that surround you?


Table -top, finished Mystery Kal shawl

12/16/14 - I gave up sewing because it takes so much space.  I thought knitting would be compact, easy to take with me.  The mystery shawl proves that wrong.  I had all this stuff out to work on the shawl.  Good news I finished it off today so I can put  all this stuff away.  My next knitting project is a small scarf. 

Also on the table is a big pink pattered tote bag.  It is by Vera Bradley.  The bag was passed out to fans at a Fever ballgame.  Randy and I attended a lot of Fever games the last 2 years.  We aren't season ticket holders for next year.  That's ok.   On to a new adventure. 

At right is the completed shawl.  It is being blocked right now.  Blocking made a big difference in the chevrons and other design features of  the scarf.  I think I will check to see if it is dry right now.. . . . . . more pictures to come.



12/13/14 - Lucky Day - Car Problem Solved

12/13/14, Saturday,  turned out to be a special day for me.  I went to the Casino for their elite Royale Christmas Party.  Attendees received an entry for the car drawing as we went in for  a dinner of Lobster and Filet, mashed potatoes, salad, veggies, finished off by chocolate layer cake with free drinks included.  To make a long story short, I was one of 10 people whose ticket was drawn from the barrel.  That automatically awarded me $1,000 slot play or the car.  When selected, we were asked to go down to the stage and pick a wrapped box.  When everyone had their box, they started calling names for people to open their box.  Six people opened $1000 gift  certificates.  I was still standing with a one in four chance of winning the car.  My turn to open my box.......................inside was the certificate above right!  I was the winner of the 2015 Mercedes Benz! Or, $25,000 in cash.  The car is pictured at right.  I have a few days to make a decision.  I am leaning towards taking the car.  (I will call my accountant on Monday morning for details on how much I will owe and tax repercussions) As I posted earlier, the Captiva I had wanted got sold before I could get my car in for an appraisal.  So, when one door closed.......................................


Just Do It ...........................................

Monday - 12/8/14.......................................................................
“Sometimes", said Miss Phillips, "the thing you dread doing is the very thing you should do, just so you can stop thinking about it.”
Marci Shimoff, Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul (Chicken Soup for the Soul 

And That is what I did this morning. I made 2 calls I have been putting off for weeks.
 (1) Called my last year's farmer (thank God it went to Voice Mail, but I was prepared to talk if need be) and told him I was using someone else.
 (2) Decided I wasn't waiting on the first trailer demolition guy any longer.  I called him and told him he too had been replaced. 

  I don't know how either of these decisions will work out. But I have made the decisions and made the dreaded phone calls to complete the action.  Now I can quit thinking about making the calls and instead start worrying about how this will work out.  Hoping for the best!

The picture above has nothing to do with my day.  In fact it was taken 2 years ago at a Markleville Festival.  Its me with my usual bad hair, Randy on the left and Steve on the right.  These two guys graduated with my brother who died in 2001 at the age of 56 from cancer.


Holiday Hors d'Oeuvres

12/6/14 - I am wishing I had the motivation to make this wreath for a Christmas Open House I am attending on Sunday.  The chicken salad sounds absolutely wonderful.  Here is the recipe for Holiday Tea Sandwich Wreath :
  • 2 cups diced cooked chicken
  • 2/3 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 cored diced apples
  • 1/3 cup diced red onion
  • 1/2 cup seedless grapes, halved
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
  • 2/3 cup diced celery
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Pumpernickel bread
  • Square or circular cookie cutter
  • Finely chopped chives
Blend all ingredients well in a large bowl.
Use the cookie cutter to cut 2 identical pieces from the bread.
Spoon a bit of the salad atop one piece of bread, and top  with the second piece.
Dip the sandwich in chopped chives.
When you have completed about 10 sandwiches, arrange them sideways in a circle on a platter to resemble a wreath.

The Grinch Kabobs at left look like something I could whip up in a short time..............decisions, decisions.

Original recipe makes 24 servings       


God Winks Story....................

12/5/14 - I spent a chunk of time this morning trying to send a story to the Hoda and Kathie Lee show.  They had the author of God Winks, Squire Rushnell,  on their program in November.  After his segment they requested viewers stories be sent to them through Connect on  the KLG.com  website.  Here is the story I sent about the diamond that was lost from my mom's ring.

Stephen Edward Sonoff and Helen Elenor Havens were married December 15, 1944.  To celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in 1970, Dad bought Mom a beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring.  Mom loved diamonds.  She had other jewelry, but this ring was special.  It celebrated their life together and was given to her by my DAD.  She always said it would be mine someday.  She promised I would have the ring after she died.
June 2, 2000 she looked down and noticed she had lost the heart-shaped diamond from her ring. (Oh, no!  My diamond – gone!)  It was such a sad time for her.  Dad had passed away  in 1979.  I know how she felt about the ring.  Everyone helped her look, and look, and look.  Never found it. 
Time passed.  My brother died April 4, 2001.  Six months later my mother died , October ll, 2001.  At the time of her death, her special companion, John E. Smith, was staying at the farm.  Although they never married, the two had been together for 18 years.   He had some health problems so I returned to the farm to help him with medications, etc. 
And, here’s how I found the diamond.  John Smith decided he wanted to buy a new car.  We got his trade-in ready for the auction.  I cleaned the outside, and vacuumed.  He removed things from the trunk and glove box.  Vehicle was ready for the Wednesday night auction!  Something came up and we had to postpone taking the car that week.  We rescheduled for the following week’s auction.  After the postponement, John Smith is out running around as usual and looses his billfold.  Okay, got to take him to the BMV for a new drivers license.  As I go by his car I think, “Better get his registration, that will be one more piece of ID for the BMV.”  I opened the glove box, there it was.  Sitting right inside.   I couldn’t believe it! 
The diamond was lost June 3, 2000, found on April 4, 2002………lost for almost 2 years!  The other significant thing about finding the diamond on April 4th – It was the anniversary of the day my brother died one year ago in 2001. 
So, they are all in the story.  My dad, my mom, my brother and step-dad John E. Smith……If he hadn’t lost his billfold, I would have never looked in the glove box and found the diamond.  (He had overlooked it when cleaning out his things.) 
I had the diamond put in another setting and it’s my link to the one’s I loved who have passed on.  And, my reminder of how my mom always kept her promises……………….Love you Mom.  Love you all.


Another battle..........

12/4/14 - This little door goes to one of the many buildings scattered around the farm.  This little building is the Well House - it houses the guts of all the pipes, etc leading to the house and apartment and probably the barn (I haven't figured that line out yet).  It used to contain the opening to the pump.  When I had to dig a new well a few years back, the pump was put in the yard about 20 ft in front of this building.  The well people decided to just connect it with the existing lines in this house.  That makes it necessary for me to keep it from freezing.  Most of the time it is okay.  However, when we have long periods of subzero, I drop a 100 watt light bulb down the pit to keep it warm.  I don't know what I will use when the only bulbs available are the new type. :(

So, notice that black hole near the bottom?  That is a new entrance put in by a piney!  Just 2 days ago I patched the old holes and even stuck a license plate at the bottom for extra protection from this critter!  Here you see he has already entered again!  Well, I've patched it again.  Next step will be the D-con!  I also need to put some out in the barn.  Evidence of critters running willy-nilly and knocking things over is present.  I sure get tired of fighting the elements and the critters.  Apartment living sounds sooooooo good!

Yesterday I called the guys who wanted to remove the trailer a month ago.  That is when I stuck by my WORD and said, "Sorry, I have agreed to let another guy do it."  Here it is, a month later, and no sign of him.  Although I have called him twice to remind him that it needs to be gone and inspected before the end of the year for a tax savings to me of $700.  Should have followed my gut instead of sticking with my WORD.  The trailer would be off my property and my mind.  It seems like every time I try to help someone, it doesn't end well for me. - The guys who were ready and willing earlier noted there has been a big drop in scrap prices - not sure they want to do it now.  They will let me know Saturday.


Tree update.............................

12/3/14 - Thanks to a great neighbor, the downed tree branch has been sawed up and split into manageable pieces.  I know he spent 4 hours doing this, maybe more.  He suggested burning the larger pile because it was full of worms, bugs, you name it.  In the process of splitting and cutting, a dead squirrel was found in the tree, too.  I have another ash tree near the driveway that is dead.  A matter of time before that one comes down.  I have also heard there is a disease headed this way that attacks walnut trees.  When that happens, I am in big trouble.  Most of the trees in my yard are walnuts.  I will deal with that and the ash later.  It is a shame what is happening to the trees.  My neighbor said he has several Maple trees that are dying also.  This one was a Maple, too. 

This link is to an Indianapolis Star article discussing the Deadly Walnut Fungus found in Indiana.