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12/5/14 - I spent a chunk of time this morning trying to send a story to the Hoda and Kathie Lee show.  They had the author of God Winks, Squire Rushnell,  on their program in November.  After his segment they requested viewers stories be sent to them through Connect on  the KLG.com  website.  Here is the story I sent about the diamond that was lost from my mom's ring.

Stephen Edward Sonoff and Helen Elenor Havens were married December 15, 1944.  To celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in 1970, Dad bought Mom a beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring.  Mom loved diamonds.  She had other jewelry, but this ring was special.  It celebrated their life together and was given to her by my DAD.  She always said it would be mine someday.  She promised I would have the ring after she died.
June 2, 2000 she looked down and noticed she had lost the heart-shaped diamond from her ring. (Oh, no!  My diamond – gone!)  It was such a sad time for her.  Dad had passed away  in 1979.  I know how she felt about the ring.  Everyone helped her look, and look, and look.  Never found it. 
Time passed.  My brother died April 4, 2001.  Six months later my mother died , October ll, 2001.  At the time of her death, her special companion, John E. Smith, was staying at the farm.  Although they never married, the two had been together for 18 years.   He had some health problems so I returned to the farm to help him with medications, etc. 
And, here’s how I found the diamond.  John Smith decided he wanted to buy a new car.  We got his trade-in ready for the auction.  I cleaned the outside, and vacuumed.  He removed things from the trunk and glove box.  Vehicle was ready for the Wednesday night auction!  Something came up and we had to postpone taking the car that week.  We rescheduled for the following week’s auction.  After the postponement, John Smith is out running around as usual and looses his billfold.  Okay, got to take him to the BMV for a new drivers license.  As I go by his car I think, “Better get his registration, that will be one more piece of ID for the BMV.”  I opened the glove box, there it was.  Sitting right inside.   I couldn’t believe it! 
The diamond was lost June 3, 2000, found on April 4, 2002………lost for almost 2 years!  The other significant thing about finding the diamond on April 4th – It was the anniversary of the day my brother died one year ago in 2001. 
So, they are all in the story.  My dad, my mom, my brother and step-dad John E. Smith……If he hadn’t lost his billfold, I would have never looked in the glove box and found the diamond.  (He had overlooked it when cleaning out his things.) 
I had the diamond put in another setting and it’s my link to the one’s I loved who have passed on.  And, my reminder of how my mom always kept her promises……………….Love you Mom.  Love you all.

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