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12/19/14 - Winning at the game of life: the Art of Manifestation.

That is the name of a workshop I attended at Camp Chesterfield a couple of years ago.  It was presented by Michael Jones pictured at left.  He is on Facebook and can be found on the internet here  Check out his thoughts for the day on facebook, too.  Interesting food for thought.

I am thinking of him now because of my recent car win (I still haven't chosen the $25,000 cash or the car -  another day I will go into this.)  Anyway..........I appreciate the power of affirmations.  During his workshop, we spent the hour or so writing our own affirmation.  It was very interesting.  For my own reference, I am recording the affirmation I authored at that workshop below.  Note the first two steps before saying your affirmation - 1) Show Gratitude (I always say "Thank You for the gifts I have received."  I assume creator/God/spirit knows what they are.  I do not specifically list them, but acknowledge that I appreciate everything and sometimes a specific __fill in the blank.       2)  Pray for Others (I have some specific friends and situations included here in addition to peace and ease for the world in general.)  Now for my affirmation process:


Ø    Show Gratitude

Thank you for the gifts I have received.

Ø    Pray for Others

(Then say the following affirmation)

Ø    Divine Intelligence is now operating in me and through me,  arranging everything, giving me the clarity to make wise decisions and to take actions which best serve my life and those I love.

Ø    Divine Intelligence brings this about in this lifetime in perfect ways and under grace.

Ø    Nevertheless, not my will, but thy will be done.

Ø    Amen.  So Be It.

Another simple affirmation I use to start the day is:  Only good things come to me.



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