Another battle..........

12/4/14 - This little door goes to one of the many buildings scattered around the farm.  This little building is the Well House - it houses the guts of all the pipes, etc leading to the house and apartment and probably the barn (I haven't figured that line out yet).  It used to contain the opening to the pump.  When I had to dig a new well a few years back, the pump was put in the yard about 20 ft in front of this building.  The well people decided to just connect it with the existing lines in this house.  That makes it necessary for me to keep it from freezing.  Most of the time it is okay.  However, when we have long periods of subzero, I drop a 100 watt light bulb down the pit to keep it warm.  I don't know what I will use when the only bulbs available are the new type. :(

So, notice that black hole near the bottom?  That is a new entrance put in by a piney!  Just 2 days ago I patched the old holes and even stuck a license plate at the bottom for extra protection from this critter!  Here you see he has already entered again!  Well, I've patched it again.  Next step will be the D-con!  I also need to put some out in the barn.  Evidence of critters running willy-nilly and knocking things over is present.  I sure get tired of fighting the elements and the critters.  Apartment living sounds sooooooo good!

Yesterday I called the guys who wanted to remove the trailer a month ago.  That is when I stuck by my WORD and said, "Sorry, I have agreed to let another guy do it."  Here it is, a month later, and no sign of him.  Although I have called him twice to remind him that it needs to be gone and inspected before the end of the year for a tax savings to me of $700.  Should have followed my gut instead of sticking with my WORD.  The trailer would be off my property and my mind.  It seems like every time I try to help someone, it doesn't end well for me. - The guys who were ready and willing earlier noted there has been a big drop in scrap prices - not sure they want to do it now.  They will let me know Saturday.

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