Out with the old...............................

12/31/14 - I believe we made the deadline!  Above is the site where the trailer was located.  I went to the courthouse today and informed them  it was no longer a residence.  I am hoping to save money on my taxes.  Before trailer, taxes on this piece of land were around $200.  After the assessor labeled one acre as residential because of the mobile home, taxes on this parcel went to almost $900 a year.  Because the trailer was in need of a lot of repair to be a profitable rental, I made the decision to have it removed. The planning commission is supposed to come out tomorrow and verify/approve the removal.  They will then contact the assessors office and make the tax adjustment.  There is a little more clean up that needs to be done but I hope this passes!  So......it is out with the old!

For New Years Eve I will be attending a celebration at  Hoosier Park Casino.  I have a dinner reservation at 7 p,m.;  the package also includes New Year's day brunch the next day.  I have a feeling we won't be staying long on New Years Eve........ Randy has the flu. 

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