Table -top, finished Mystery Kal shawl

12/16/14 - I gave up sewing because it takes so much space.  I thought knitting would be compact, easy to take with me.  The mystery shawl proves that wrong.  I had all this stuff out to work on the shawl.  Good news I finished it off today so I can put  all this stuff away.  My next knitting project is a small scarf. 

Also on the table is a big pink pattered tote bag.  It is by Vera Bradley.  The bag was passed out to fans at a Fever ballgame.  Randy and I attended a lot of Fever games the last 2 years.  We aren't season ticket holders for next year.  That's ok.   On to a new adventure. 

At right is the completed shawl.  It is being blocked right now.  Blocking made a big difference in the chevrons and other design features of  the scarf.  I think I will check to see if it is dry right now.. . . . . . more pictures to come.


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