Everything has a story

12/18/14 - While doing some cleaning a few days ago I thought about the story behind these two abalone shells.  I purchased the first one (top one) at a flea market.  I remember the lady saying, "Will you do me a favor?"  "Well, " I said warily, "What is it?"  Her request was that I name the shell Betty.  I asked her if that was her name and with a nod of her head and a sheepish smile she said that it was.  Just last year I ran across another abalone shell at a yard sale during the big Lapel rummage weekend.  I purchased it from an older gentleman.  I proceeded to tell him the Betty story and asked if his shell had a name.  He said, "Call it Bill, Dollar Bill - that's what they call me."  So, as long as I am alive, these two shells will be known as Betty and Dollar Bill. 

As I look at the other items in this picture I see a metal winged face - not sure what this is.  Just an odd face my mother had saved and put in the little display box.  If he had a name I don't know it. 

The red Buddha belonged to my husband, Mike, before I ever married him in 1975.  I don't know where he got it but I somehow got custody when we divorced in 1995. 

The turtle sculpture is something fairly new to me.  It was left behind by the renter I had for over 14 years.  The guy who lived in the trailer I am having demolished. 

There are several arrowheads showing.  These were found here on the farm.  Again, some of my mother's treasures.  She mounted them, numbered them and has them recorded in a book that tells where and when each was found.  Only a few are in this picture.  The whole back of the 6-foot showcase contains mounted arrowheads and various other worked pieces. 

A wooden picture frame is barely visible behind the turtle sculpture, I know its there. It contains a picture post card of "Miracle"  the white buffalo.  My very special friend and teacher, Warren, gave it to me.  He has since passed but we shared an interest in Native American culture and all things metaphysical.  The story of Miracle can be found by clicking  here.

What stories are attached to the things that surround you?

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