Supernatural MKAL, Clue 5 finished!

The anti-possession symbol is taking shape. Next few rows- FLAMES.
11/10/15 - I am caught up on the Supernatural MKAL Shawl!  Of course, we get a new clue tomorrow but for now I think I will do a little shopping and enjoy the day.  I have been helping Randy celebrate his birthday for the past several days and need a break from gorge eating.  We have been to Dave's Bar-B-Que, Ruby Tuesday, Red Lobster, Tommy G's, Steak & Shake, plus his daughter's had a surprise birthday party for him at Shouts.  He gets these coupons from the internet, birthday clubs, and doesn't want top miss a free item.  He still has a coupon for Schula's that is burning a hole in his pocket.  Since my surgery is scheduled for the 19th, that coupon will need to be used soon, before the end of the month anyway.


Barn Painting Notes - 2015

Nov 3, 2015 - A quick post so I will remember barn painting details.  It looks like 35 gallons of paint was required for both barns.  My guy used Pittsburgh Ultra Paint, exterior flat.  Why do I have such a hard time arranging these pictures? I tried with all I know to put the bottom 2 pictures side by side.  No luck.  By the way, water-based paint was used.


Little things.......................

November 1, 2015 - This little moonstone egg brings me joy.  All it takes is a little light to make it glow.  I have it in my kitchen window and every time I see it, I think of the friend who gave it to me.  That would be Ann.  She was with me at the rock and gem show in Greenfield and I commented on how beautiful it was.  When we were all ready to leave, she said, "Aren't you going to get that egg?"  I thought: "Sure.  Why not."  But when I went to purchase it, the lady said she had just sold it.  I was disappointed but I also had a feeling Ann was the purchaser and her intent was to surprise me on my birthday.  I was right on both counts.  What a lovely egg.  What a lovely friend.
 This is the same egg on the left without the light.  I think our purpose in life is to be light.  We've all heard:

You Light up my life.
You are the Light of my life.
Go to the Light.

(Any more?)  Anyway, being a light for someone can be so important.  A simple act, such as a smile, can truly have a profound effect on another and light up their day.

Another favorite "light" connection for me is a poem given to me by a Native American Grandmother.  I included it on the union square of my sacred quilt. I feel we need "light" (truth) in any union we have. 

With Love I call forth the Light
With Joy I open to the Light
With Wisdom I accept the Light
With Peace I am the Light


Supernatural Mystery Shawl - Clue 3

October 30, 2015 -  Here is my Supernatural Mystery Shawl.  I am only on Clue 3, so a little behind the rest of the group.  This section is going smoothly but I have paused on Row 99 to add a lifeline.  I like the design.  I kind of wish I had used a little better yarn.  This one is soft but seems to have a tendency to pill - you know, get those fuzz balls.

Also shown are some houseplants I have had for years....... since the 80's!!?????

I am just about ready to call a stop to dragging them indoors for the winter.  I do have a place to hang one of the ferns, but the other plants just have to set around on the floor and take up valuable space in my little house.  I have a few more above freezing days to make a decision.


Also, my doctor appointment went ok.  I have surgery scheduled for November 19.  It is  a procedure called a cold knife cone biopsy with dilation & curettage.  Sounds like I will only be down for about 4 days unless something additional is found.  I can handle that.


White Light Dream

On Octoer 22 I experienced my second White Light Dream.   This dream was not as explosive or bright as the one I had years before.  That dream woke me up and left me rubbing my eyes, feeling like I had been blinded.  I probably have it documented somewhere but the quick summary is this:  within a week after having THAT dream  I learned through a really explosive event that my  husband of 20 years was having an affair.  Needless to say many life changes followed. I believe it was a warning that something important was coming to light, I would receive illumination.  I also feel like it was a message from my angel.

Now, in THIS dream, the light was not as blinding.  It also kind of broke off into other white light exploding orbs.  One of which contained the number 36.   I will give it all a little time to come to light so I can understand.  In the meantime I will assume I am being protected by my angel during the changes to come.  As far as the number 36, one explanation I found on the internet was:  Angel Number 36 is a message to shift your focus from the financial and monetary aspects of the physical world to your inner spirituality and a place of unconditional love.  It is a message that your prayers and positive affirmations regarding your material wants and needs (eg money, home, food etc) are being answered and responded to.  Have faith and trust that your needs will be met and you and your loved ones will have all that you require in your lives. 
Thirty - six could also be a time period: days, months.  Thirty-six hours have passed.  I will see what happens around November 27.  I guess time will tell.


It started out so good....................

On Thursday, Oct 22, I attended a Jackpot party at the local casino.  The party consisted of drawing 10 names every hour from 6 - 10 pm.  Drawing winners were allowed to select a bottle of champagne which would then reveal a prize amount for "casino cash" to be used for slot play.  I didn't even get there until 8 pm so only 2 drawings remained for the evening.  First drawing, not me.  Second, and last drawing, they had gone through 9 names, not me.  But, the very last name drawn...............Christine ME!  That's right.  I got selected to pick a bottle.  I was kind of happy to be last because that meant I would receive the last bottle and there would be no picking necessary.  However, 3 people chosen in my group were "no shows" so that left 4 bottles on the table for me to pick from of which one contained $1,200 in slot play.  I selected that bottle.  Now, the rest of the story: I made exactly 0.00 dollars on that casino cash!  I did have $218 ahead at one time but continued to play and lost everything.  Reminds me of a movie I saw that contained the quote, "Las Vegas is full of LOSERS who thought they could do better."  

On a different note.................................

In the lapsed time from my last few postings, I met up with the old Markleville group.  Attending was one of my old classmates from back in the sixties.  He lives in California so it is rare to visit with him.  A friend sent a picture of the two of us which reminded me of previous pictures taken together.  Just thought I would attach a couple photos to show how the years of changed us. Ha!



10/15/15 - Here is a picture of what I have done on my Supernatural Shawl.  It is resting at the end of row 42, waiting for my new 40" Interchangeable needles to arrive.  I've gone this far using DPN's, then 2 circular needles.  I think I will have a neater piece if I use nice flexible 40" needles as called for by the pattern.  And, yes, that yellow thread is a lifeline.  I started over so many times I just don't want to go all the way  back to the beginning again.  I am not that good at correcting all those YO and Knit-togethers and SSK stitches. 
 I chose grey because it represents Spirit.  A mixture of black and white.  At least I remember a discussion of something like that from the days when I made my Sacred Woman Quilt.  At that time we were told to use Grey as the border and backing "because it represents Spirit".  I will dig out my notes on that class to see if there is more to that explanation. - I checked.  The instructions under materials needed were: Silver or grey for border and backing.  After the quilt is completed, sew a silver or grey strip of cloth completely around the edges of your quilt as a border.  You then may choose to applique' a patch of silver or grey on all the other sections/colors to represent the overarching of Divine Spirit.  As I work on this shawl, I'm thinking this is going to be a boring color.  I'm getting some thoughts that beads could be added or maybe some contrasting color of embroidery thread ???????  Here is a link to one of my blog postings with a picture of my completed quilt.  You can see the grey border.  Harder to distinguish from this photo is an appliqued Raven in the same grey material on each square.

Also resting is the garage apartment here at the farm.  After pressure washing 2 barns, I notice the pump is running a lot.  The problem?  An underground water line somewhere from the house to the outbuildings is broken.  Another major repair is looming.  My decision?  Shut off the water, winterize the apartment and deal with it next spring!

Also resting is me.....................I have a health problem to deal with.  Just how much rest I need will be determined after Oct 27.  Don't Worry, Be Happy!


New knitting project - Supernatural Mystery MKAL

9/29/15 - In a few more days the first clue will be available for my latest knitting project - Supernatural MKAL by Shannon Sanchez.   The link describes how a mystery pattern works.  I am excited to get started.  Working with a group of other people on the same project inspires me to "keep up".  I also love seeing the results achieved with all the different yarns being used by the other participants.  I love all the variegated and bright colorful yarns but chose a silver grey solid for this project.  From the clues offered in the description, I think there will be a design/symbol on the shawl and I want it to stand out by using a solid color, picture at right.  My yarn is called Cool Gray by Loops and Threads, Woolike brand.  I am a self-taught knitter.  I never know if I can even do the project so I purchased an inexpensive yarn.  It was only $2.98 a skein. 

 I am hoping the shawl will feature the Sun Symbol containing a PENTACLE or PENTAGRAM (FIVE-POINTED STAR pointing up): A standard symbol for witches, freemasons, and many other pagan or occult groups. To witches, it represent the four basic elements (wind, water, earth and fire) plus a pantheistic spiritual being such as Gaia or Mother Earth. The pentagram is also "used for protection. to banish energy, or to bring it to you, depending on how it's drawn."
  Time will tell.  Below are more Supernatural Protective Symbols.  I have watched the show off and on.  Now that I am working on this shawl, I will make it a point to view the program.


I heard a "Good Job".................................

9/22/2015 - Barn painting is coming right along.  I also got the eaves cleaned out on the south side. Picture at left is an idea of how high I have to go to accomplish this task.  Even that wouldn't be too bad, but it is so hard to position the heavy ladder in that little space above those large windows. Today, I got the Lost Woods sign removed from the implement shed.  Painter is power washing that barn today.

I have a couple days off coming up so I will get the plexiglass over the top inside window tomorrow.  As you can see in the right photo, it is more ladder work!

Last night I was put on the pharmacy side door of Wal-Mart as a greeter from 8:30 til 10 pm.  I caught me a thief!  We were told to be sure and check receipts for any items that were not in a sack.  Well, this lady starts out the door with one little crumpled sack containing a box of something and the rest of the cart was filled with BIG items.........too big for the regular sack.  Cart was heaping with containers of laundry soap, huge container of Downy, cartons of coke, etc - you get the idea.  All kinds of things in BIG boxes!  I asked the lady for her receipt.  She replies, "Oh, my husband has it.  He is still in the store, blah, blah, blah......"  I say, "Ma'm, I can't let you out of the store without a receipt for this stuff."  To make a long story short, she heads out of the store, leaving the cart.  Items in there totaled over $200!  I finally got a "Good Job" comment from the Wal-Mart employers.

So, now I need to get to the license branch and renew my plates. 


Vests and Necklace

9/18/2015 - A couple of days ago I packed up this old wooden safari necklace to send to a customer. Occasionally I still sell an item or two on Artfire where my seller name is Panacea.  I felt a little sad about letting this old necklace go. I had sold an even nicer one with more carved animals earlier.  So, this may be a "good seller" if I run across more of them.  I really need to add some new items to my online store.  Heaven knows I have enough things to list!  I got a little discouraged with the high price of postage, the increases in what Paypal takes, poor computer connection, etc. & haven't been updating the site. 
Today started with a need to change the apartment's toilet fill mechanism.  I watched a couple U-tube videos and am ready to tackle that task,  In fact, I removed it already, cleaned out a little of the rust and I may be able to get by without a new one. 
Next I am going to Panera to meet up with the Knit'n Bitch group.  I really don't have a WIP going on right now.    I just signed up for a new Mystery shawl on Ravelry.  It is a circular, lace shawl, neck cowl, in-the-roiund, eyelet, mesh, one-piece, chart,  type thing from the clues I have so far.  I need  1100-1300 yards of fingering yarn to complete this project.  Here is the info on this Supernatural MKAL project if anyone wants to follow along or make their own. It is linked somehow to the show entitled Supernatural.  The  clues for the knitting project, Supernatural MKAL, will be released starting with the Season Premier of Season 11 on October 7, with each subsequent clue being released once a week on
Wednesdays.  I am hoping it will look something like this top circular crochet vest.  Tonal or solid colors were suggested so it may look more like the one on the bottom, left or top right.

  The bottom right shawl is great, but a little too long for me to ever wear! It is advertised for sale at $145.


Gem and Fossil Show 2015

9/15/2015 - Well, I made it to the Greenfield Gem Mineral and Fossil Show last Friday.  I found an ammonite but didn't buy any blue or white fluorite.  I think I may have some in my rock stash.  If not, it will be on my list for the next outing.  I bought the ammonite pendant, shown here, from a girl who has a shop in Knightstown (Earth's Creations www.earths-creations.com ).  I could probably find some there if I decide I can't live without it and cannot wait for my next gem outing. 
The other stone I purchased is an Epidote.  I was just attracted to the green color, the feel and shape of the stone.  Epidote Info: Epidote will enhance the energy of whatever it touches, including other stones.  Epidote increases perception and interaction with spiritual beings, and brings spiritual growth.  Epidote is a great stone for releasing negativity and raising one's vibrational energy.  It is helpful for those stuck in modes of depression, hopelessness, or other negative thinking pattern.  Epidote can inject a sense of hopeful optimism into one's emotional body, helping to bring the mind into a higher vibration.  Crystal healers like to work with Epidote for its ability to clear congestion and energy blockages in the physical and subtle bodies.  Epidote will help to balance and stabilize the energy flow in the body.  Epidote is also used to help dissipate tumors by releasing stagnant energies in the area.

Epidote is an excellent stone for attunement with nature and her healing qualities.  It puts forth a simple, calming, grounding, “back to Earth” vibration, which is particularly good for those living in a high energy, city setting.

On a more physical level, Epidote’s ability to increase energy is useful in strengthening the physical body.   Epidote facilitates a more complete assimilation of nutrients.  Epidote stimulates the immune system, aids in the healing process, and is a great stone to use for physical recovery.  Epidote increases personal power, clears the emotional body aura, and even increases memory, making it a helpful when looking for lost object. 

Of Interest:  Epidote is said to be very helpful to aid prosperity, because as long as you are generous you will manifest more generosity and more prosperity.  I took the stone/mineral with me today when I went to Indiana Downs Racetrack with Randy.  We had the buffet, stopped to play slots for a minute = I hit $227 on the first machine, played another machine and cashed out $1062........Next, we went to the track to watch the races.  I ended up loosing a total of $2.20 there but I found a voucher left in one of the betting machines valued at $72.  Did I keep it?  No.  I decided the best thing to do would be to turn it in to the cashier......................I don't know if anyone claimed it but there is such a thing as Karma!  I've been lucky a few times, i.e. when I recently lost my billfold and it was returned to me with everything intact!

To the right is a picture of my final purchase at the gem show.   It is a Ginkgo tree.  I think I will plant it out by the medicine wheel.  I don't want any more trees in the yard.  I have enough to mow around.  I haven't decided if I will keep it in the house for the winter and plant it in the spring, or put it out now.  Decisions, decisions!


Astrology and Crystals


Today I am going to the rock and gem show in Greenfield, Indiana.  I really don't have a special item in mind to buy.  Just being in all that wonderful stone energy is a treat for me.  I did look up some info on the web and found a couple items suggested for a Libra born October 9.  Perhaps I will look for an Ammonite.  The spiral is a special symbol for me.  Note: Check out your birthdate here -  place the cursor on Astrology/Crystal heading and select your sign from the drop down list - great site, full of fun info!  Three crystal suggestions are given for past, present and future.  Here are mine:


Birthdays - October 7 – 9
Key Word - Congruity

Crystal - Ammonite
Attributes - This fossil brings you harmony, dignity and splendor. It gives you a sense of beauty, charm and charisma. Ammonite releases mental obsessions. It normalizes cell metabolism, energy output, heartbeat and fortifies the heart.
Message - Living with the natural rhythms and cycles of life.
Focus - Throughout life you revisit ideas, places and situations, spiraling upward toward holistic awareness.
Affirmation - I rejoice in the circle of life.


Birthdays - October 8 – 10
Key Word - Respite

Crystal - Blue Fluorite
Attributes - Blue fluorite will help you achieve justice in your life. Reduces over excitement and will settle you down to be quiet. Helps with frustration and disappointment. It helps you release obsessions. Alleviates coughs and hoarseness; helps with posture damage, deformities, bony growths and swelling.
Message - Pamper yourself, regain balance and confidence.
Focus - You speak up for yourself and others with a clear voice and a strong heart.
Affirmation - I feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Birthdays - October 9 – 11
Key Word - Relaxation

Crystal - White Fluorite
Attributes - This stone will help you with ordering your life and purifying your soul. It is for emotional stability and inner peace. Helps you to learn more easily and being able to concentrate; it clears confusion and helps you maintain order. Aids in the healing of the skin, mucous membranes, respiratory tract, nerves and brain. It eases coughs and allergies.
Message - Time out for quiet solitude, reflecting on adventurous days.
Focus - You pass your knowledge and experiences on to others, helping them to successfully navigate life.
Affirmation - I am in control and choose when to chart a new course in my life.


Evil Eye Amulet - 9/8/2015


9/8/2015 - This amulet hangs in the window of my stairwell.  While lowering the shade a couple of days ago, part of it came unhooked and dropped to the floor.  Just to be safe, I wasted no time in getting some pliers and repairing the link. 

This happened a day before the "big wind" blew through the farm.  I had some damage but things could have been a lot worse.  I choose to believe my amulet was warning me of approaching danger.

Note:  The evil eye amulets are traditionally used to protect you, your family, your home, your business, etc., from the evil eye, envy and negativity.  The Elephant brings good luck.  


Jungle Jim Trip and Tulsi Tea - 9/7/2015

"Oh, Narada! Every house, every village, every forest, wherever the plant of Tulsi is grown, there misery, fear, disease and poverty do not exist."

 Today I rode to Cincinnati with Randy and Corrine for a trip to Jungle Jim's International Market.  It was a good trip.  I purchased some Tulsi Tea (3 different flavors), honey, oreos, Ancient Essence MYRHH, spicy mustard and Jungle Blend Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee.  I heard about Tulsi Tea (also known as Holy Basil) during the herbal class I took in Browne County.  About Tulsi: Throughout India Tulsi is acclaimed as "The Queen of Herbs" and is revered as a sacred plant infused with healing powers.  Traditionally grown in an earthen pot in every family home or garden, Tulsi makes a delicious and nourishing herbal "tea" abundant in a vast array of health benefits.*
      • Reduces Stress                                
      • Supports the Immune System
      • Abundant in Antioxidants
      • Builds Stamina
      • Powerful Adaptogen
      • Aids Digestion
      • Anti-Aging
      • Balances Metabolism
      • Balances Energy Levels
      • Uplifts Mood
Well, I will give it a try instead of a candy bar on break.  Maybe even strive for one cup a day.  There is a lot of information on the Tulsi plant available on the internet. If I ever get my herb garden  in order, I think this would be a wonderful addition. "Tulsi in all aspects and places is holier than holy. Where the breeze blows through Tulsi plants, it makes the surrounding areas pure." There are at least 3 varieties of Tulsi (see here)......................


Stormy weather 9/5/2015

9/5/2015 Storm:  My sentry, Howie (short for Howard meaning Guardian of the Home, Defender) managed to hang on through the wind and hurling branches.  It also blew a couple screens from my windows.  It blew up fast while I was at work.  I had left a bedroom window open and found the wind had blown the pillows off my bed!   A   small piece of siding was twisted off the roof of the meat house, but all in all little damage other than limbs down.  A neighbor had 6 large, old trees damaged.  Some uprooted.  I haven't checked the back woods but my favorite tree - the yellow locust - has a large limb sheared off but still hanging in the tree.


Bees Wax and Water

8-28-15  - My attempt to make a Freckle Cream Lotion per Lewelllyn's 2000 Almanac was a failure.  My wax and water did NOT mix.  I guess there is more to it than "Blend the herbal infusion into the cocoa butter."  Note: I used bees wax because the directions said cocoa butter or bees wax.  Now, I have the pleasure of cleaning up this mess of bees wax covered utensils.  I read that baking soda helps.  I think I will heat water, take stuff outside and pour the water with hopes it melts the wax.  I really don't want this stuff down my water drains. 
Here is the recipe I tried:

Freckle Lotion
Use this lotion to fade brown spots and freckles.  Apply morning and night.  Allow to dry before applying a moisturizer.
1 cup water
2 Tbsp fresh parsley leaves
2 Tbsp fresh dandelion leaves
2 Tbsp cocoa butter or bees wax
1 vitamin E 400 I.U. capsule

3 drops lemongrass essential oil
Boil water in a small sauce pan.  Remove from heat.  Add parsley leaves and dandelion leaves.  Steep 15 minutes, covered Strain to remove all particles.  Melt cocoa butter or bees wax in a double boileror microwave.  Squeee the vitamin capsule into the coco butter.  Blend the herbal infusion into the cocoa butter.  Blend at high speed for 1 minute with a hand blender.  Add essential oil.  Spoon into a wide-mouth jar with a screw-top lid.  Store at room temperature. 
VARIATION:  Substitute 2 tablespoons of marigold or evening primrose flowers for 2 tablespoons of dandelion leaves.


From LOST WOODS - Healing Salve

August 21, 2015 - I have made salve from about half of my infused herbal oil concocted from herbs gathered from my Brown County Class.  The other half of the oil is going to receive some plantain and comfrey gathered here at the farm. I plan to use the method of adding the herbs and oil to an airtight container and letting it sit for a month.  Going out this morning to gather  some plantain and comfrey.  I will add these herbs per this information from Wellness Mama found online:

A Healing Salve…

I’m not a fan of Neosporin because its made with petroleum jelly and there are natural options that work just as well.
My homemade healing salve (or “boo-boo lotion”, according to the kids) is helpful on cuts, bruises, stings, poison ivy and skin irritations. It also helps diaper rash and baby skin irritations- just don’t use with cloth diapers or line them first.
It’s easy to make and some of the ingredients even grow in your front yard during the summer… One of the herbs I use is Plantain, which grows in most parts of the country and is great for the skin. Most people just know it as a common garden weed.
This salve is naturally antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and astringent. It also doesn’t contain petroleum! I never goes bad, so I make it in big batches, but you can reduce the size if needed. I always keep this on hand while gardening for skin irritations and bug bites.
All ingredients and tins and lip chap containers to store it in are available here. (Storing in a lip-chap container makes it portable and easy to apply. )



  1. Infuse the herbs into the olive oil. There are two ways to do this. You can either combine the herbs and the olive oil in a jar with an airtight lid and leave 3-4 weeks, shaking daily OR heat the herbs and olive oil over low/low heat in a double boiler for 3 hours (low heat!) until the oil is very green.
  2. Strain her herbs out of the oil by pouring through a cheesecloth. Let all the oil drip out and then squeeze the herbs to get the remaining oil out.
  3. Discard the herbs.
  4. Heat the infused oil in a double boiler with the beeswax until melted and mixed.
  5. Pour into small tins, glass jars or lip chap tubes and use on bites, stings, cuts, poison ivy, diaper rash or other wounds as needed.


Time to tackle the inside.........................

August 15, 2015 - Posting here a few pictures of the neglected inside of the barn.  I haven't posted any items to my Artfire site or Ebay for months.  It is time to get with it.  I think my internet connection thru the phone has been upgraded to unlimited.  It is very time consuming but winter and fall is a slower time for me and I can do it! 

Weed - B - Gone

I spent most of my 3 days off attacking weeds.  I have gotten rid of all the growth around the barn.  I do have some piles of debris left.  I will finish raking, shoveling this into my little red wagon and hauling it off.  I have one wagon full now.  I haven't decided if I am adding it to the compost pile or starting a new compost pile in one corner of the cement hog house pad.  That stuff needs to be turned every so often.  That's the hard part.  Will decide that later.  Right now I am just enjoying the weed free view of the barn.  Also, I soon will have a new paint job on both barns!  Then, it will be time to start on the inside.


Who's at the door?

8/2/2015 Sunday - At right is a picture of a vine growing at the base of the apartment steps.  It is flowering now so maybe there will be time for it to make it to fruition.  It could be a loofa gourd or I have no idea what else.  Time will tell.

I have also pictured my kitchen door steps.  The hanging basket was home to a family of wrens this year.  The steps have never had a handrail so I decided to roll this old iron wheel out beside the steps to serve as a makeshift bannister.

None of the original cement steps that led into this house came with hand rails.  I suppose they were slowly added at the insistence of the insurance companies.   I know I got a quote a couple years ago and "no rail: at the steps was a concern they voiced.  Bah on insurance companies!  I have auto and farm insurance totaling $2,500 due in a couple weeks. 


Herbal Salve Underway.

July 25, 2015 -  Herbal Salve underway.  Here is my bowlful of chopped up herbs.  Included are:
Calendula, Catnip, Cinquefoil, Comfrey, Echinacea, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Lemon Balm, Marshmallow, Oregano, Plantain, Sage, St. John's Wort, Sanicle, Thyme, Wood Betony, Woundwort (self heal), Yarrow and Yellow Dock.

I think that should just about cover everything!  After chopping up the appropriate part of the herb and putting them in the stainless steel or pyrex baking container, cover the herbs with olive oil.  Go over the top of the herbs about 1/4" with the olive oil.  Start the oven about 300 degrees, lower it to 225 degrees and bake the herbs 3-4 hours.  Shut the oven off and let the concoction cool naturally.

Next it is necessary to strain/separate the herbs from the oil.  A stainless steel colander works well.  Get as much of the healing oil as possible by squishing/pressing  the mixture with a gloved hand (whatever works)   I had used 1/2 gallon of olive oil (64 oz) to cover my cut up herbs.  To make a salve, bees wax must be added to the strained oil.  The ratio is 1 oz bees wax to 8 oz of the strained oil.  Just heat the mixture on the stove until the beeswax melts.......then pour into whatever container you have decided to use for your herbal healing salve.


Wagon Fixed

July 24, 2015 - I felt better about spending $65 for tires for this little red wagon after I got some use from it.  I need to spend a whole day going around and trimming low hanging branches.  Since my mowing tractor is so tall, it doesn't fit under the low branches.  Even if I duck, the roll bar behind me does not!  There have been a few times when I thought a whole branch was going to get pulled down on me; therefore, I do not duck anymore!

I did get the yard mowed yesterday but I still have trimming to do.  I sure wish the weedeater was working!  I spent $79 having it tuned up and It is out of adjustment already.  I wouldn't even mind all the yanking to get it started if it weren't for the fingers that stick closed.  When that happens, I can't let go of the pull rope because my hand won't open!  Of course there are always small limbs and sticks blown down.  As I am climbing on and off this tractor to pick them up, I wonder if I will still be climbing on and off this thing at 80 years old!!!


Preparing for an Herb Day

7/23/15 - Not much going on today.  I plan to finally get my Coneflower "Cheyenne Spirit" planted in the herb garden along with some English Lavender.  Of course, there is mowing to finish.  I am getting ready to attend a workshop on Saturday at the Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary in Nashville, IN.  We will be making an herbal salve and tonic.  Also gathering lots of herbs.  I hope she hands out some live ones, too.  The comfrey and feverfew I have growing at the farm is from a workshop I attended with the same lady prior to 1995. 

I never realized the coneflowers came in so many colors!  This plant has yellow as well as a pretty salmon color bloom.  I'm not sure but one of the traditional purple may also be included.  I got three of these plants and gave one to my friend Ann and one to my friend Debbie........these were in remembrance   of out trip to Mounds State Park to look for Puk-Wud-Jies!

At right, is the tractor tire trying to come off.  It is all fixed now and only cost $16!   Going out now to start some mowing!