Who's at the door?

8/2/2015 Sunday - At right is a picture of a vine growing at the base of the apartment steps.  It is flowering now so maybe there will be time for it to make it to fruition.  It could be a loofa gourd or I have no idea what else.  Time will tell.

I have also pictured my kitchen door steps.  The hanging basket was home to a family of wrens this year.  The steps have never had a handrail so I decided to roll this old iron wheel out beside the steps to serve as a makeshift bannister.

None of the original cement steps that led into this house came with hand rails.  I suppose they were slowly added at the insistence of the insurance companies.   I know I got a quote a couple years ago and "no rail: at the steps was a concern they voiced.  Bah on insurance companies!  I have auto and farm insurance totaling $2,500 due in a couple weeks. 

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