I think I will put this on my to-do list......

Second Saturday, Oct. 12th
     This will be our final day to be open in 2013!  We have a busy day planned, and hope you will join us.  First of all, all perennials are 20% off.  And, there are some plants that I just won’t have room for over the winter, so they’ll be free to customers who make a purchase.
      I’ve decided to return the Cottage to a style I prefer, so all the non-herbal primitive inventory is 50% off, and there will be some sale items in the Big Barn Gift shop as well. And, we just received a new shipment of “Herbal Passions.”
     It’s that time of year to start thinking of moving plants indoors for the winter, and some of those scented geraniums are just too big for the windowsill.  Well, we’ll show you what to do with all those leaves and stems that need trimming in a talk at 11:00, “Using Those Great Scented Geraniums” in cooking & crafts.
     At 1:00 see “The Floriade & Keukenhof!” presentation.  Gorgeous photos from my trip to the once-every-ten-years world’s largest horticultural show, and the fabulous tulip festival held annually in Holland.
     Our make it/take it project for the day is “Herbal Incense!”  Of course, we’ll be serving some very special complimentary herbal refreshments.
     It’s your final opportunity to purchase items at the farm in 2013.   Get your holiday shopping done early and stock up on herbal supplies you’ll need this winter, like essential oils to make sniffy bags for those nasty head colds, hops to help you sleep when you’ve listened to too many news reports, and repellent pennyroyal for when the fleas decided to spend winter with you and your pet!  Hours are 10-4.