I visited the White's Farm Flea Market in Brookville, IN.  It was a hot day but that didn't keep anyone away.They have about 300 vendors every Wednesday.


I received a comment recently on the Creation Square of the Sacred Woman Quilt I created in 2005.  In response, I am posting a picture of my entire quilt.  Also, a picture of the other women in my class with their quilts.  We had a ceremony at the end of nine months to display our quilts.  They were in various stages of completion.  In fact, I still think about adding more to my quilt.
At the ceremony, we were asked to explain all of the symbolism and what we learned while creating the quilt.  I loved this whole experience.  As a token of respect, the first one to present was the eldest  "sacred sisters".  It was another lesson for me......... Marilyn got up, no quilt in sight and said:  "I never got the pieces completed.  My quilt is at home in a basket and it is perfectly happy there."

Seriously?  How great is that?  She came to all the gatherings, heard the lessons, participated in exactly what she wanted to do......and was prfectly comfortable without feeling pressured into completing or doing something she didn't feel like doing.  No quilt but she taught me a valuable lesson.  Thanks, Marilyn.

I explained earlier, that the personal lesson I learned came as I was assembling the quilt.  I was glancing over the completed squares thinking of how I could have done this, done that, should have put this here, etc.  All of a sudden I heard a little voice say, "You did the best you could, the best you knew how at the time."  Yes, an old quote from Oprah Winfrey!  A quote I always had a little doubt about.  Surely those people knew better than to do some of the things they did!  But, now I understood. 


This is  a KOOS OF COURSE Long, Open Front Silk Knit Cardigan with Mandarin Collar and Oriental Applique Trim.  I purchased it for $1 at the local Goodwill Store. I see there are several of these sweaters available on Ebay.

I love looking through the racks and seeing items from the past.  Of course, Target donates a lot of their unsold items to Goodwill and you can find brand new clothing among the oldies.  So, a pastime of mine is junking - clothes and flea markets.  One of my favorite Goodwill stores is located in Rushville.  When I have time to kill locally, I drop in the Anderson Trader Baker store.  There is a lady located there who brings items in from L.A.  I don't think I would ever be able to make booth rent let alone cover flights to L.A.  for merchandise.

I have seen people who earn income selling old wool sweaters for recycling.  Others who have a whole site dedicated to selling mugs.  The amazing thing about the mug site is postage for safely mailing a mug is currently around $8.