This is  a KOOS OF COURSE Long, Open Front Silk Knit Cardigan with Mandarin Collar and Oriental Applique Trim.  I purchased it for $1 at the local Goodwill Store. I see there are several of these sweaters available on Ebay.

I love looking through the racks and seeing items from the past.  Of course, Target donates a lot of their unsold items to Goodwill and you can find brand new clothing among the oldies.  So, a pastime of mine is junking - clothes and flea markets.  One of my favorite Goodwill stores is located in Rushville.  When I have time to kill locally, I drop in the Anderson Trader Baker store.  There is a lady located there who brings items in from L.A.  I don't think I would ever be able to make booth rent let alone cover flights to L.A.  for merchandise.

I have seen people who earn income selling old wool sweaters for recycling.  Others who have a whole site dedicated to selling mugs.  The amazing thing about the mug site is postage for safely mailing a mug is currently around $8. 

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