4/30/2017 - Profile pictures............Ebay, Artfire, Etsy

4/30/2017 -  I found this picture in an old car magazine and thought it was kind of cool.  I wonder if there is some kind of law prohibiting me from using this as my profile picture?  I see people posting and selling patterns from old magazines (crochet and knit).  There is probably some time restriction.  I tried to research it but the actual law, etc is a little cloudy to me. Since I find myself listing old stuff and a lot of it automobile related, to the left is what may be my new EBay profile pic:  Mona Lisa in auto goggles, driving cap and holding a wrench.

The photo I use for my Atfire site is a picture of my paternal grandmother.  It makes me smile every time I think of her.  I am a charter member of Artfire but thinking of dropping my account ----- nothing ever shows in searches other than if you are already on and using Artfire (most people are not aware of it --- all know about Etsy).  That means I don't sell much there because no one sees it.  Of course, Artfire has options available, if you are willing to PAY MORE, that will put your shop in the search listings more prominently.  My solution ---- I may soon be switching to Etsy.......haven't gotten that done yet. 

I am spending a lot of time recently trying to sell things from the barn........If I made it to 150 years old, it wouldn't be long enough to online sell that stuff!  I have realized Ebay is kind of a hard sell, too.  For example, if you do a search for a vintage dress, Ebay says there are 725,000 listed!  It could be awhile before anyone sees mine!  But, I am learning some tricks to getting your things seen.  Also how important it is not to give up!

On the subject of photos, I have one other photo that I use currently as my avatar on Ebay.   It is an old cabinet photo of a true gypsy, tambourine and all. 

Saturday April 29,2017 Gypsy Cupboard Doll

April 29,2017 - It is a rainy Saturday and I will be going to a crawfish (going, not eating) boil at Mudbugs (even the name is disgusting) this afternoon. They do have other good food so I am happy to go ------ I just don't like crawfish!  Then......

I think I will go to the library and make a copy of this pattern that is sold to someone on EBay.  I listed it because I figured I would never get around to making it but it is sooooo cool!  I can see it being made up as a goddess, a gypsy, or some other character and holding your prized possessions.  I have a couple days to get it done.  The listing (click on the link at left) doesn't go off for a couple more days. 

My last post was the day I went to the gyenocologist.....still no word from that test.  Then, my chemo/blood doctor sent me last SUNDAY (4/22/2017) for a renal Doppler test.  Like it was so urgent he had me go on a SUNDAY!  And.........been a week now and no info on those results.  


4/4/2017 - Tuesday down.....

Today started out with a trip to the Indy gynecologist.  I am still having to go every 3-4 months, ugh. Enough about that.......I was out of there and on my way to lunch at Mudbugs with Randy.   He loves seafood and although I am not much of seafood fan they had a wonderful Cajun flavored pulled pork dip sandwich that I would definitely order again.  And, will have that opportunity because later this month is some kind of a critter/crawdad boil that he has plans to attend.  On the way to the parked car we passed an antique store.  I did a little looking around and found this rather unique piece.  I like odd things but I do not see anything about this that would make me want to have it setting around my place, especially not at $245.  If someone wants buttons, they should buy my button embellished jean blazer below. It has been listed on Ebay, but no takers.  I think I will give it another try. 

So, I ended this day on a happy note.  Now, I just need to get through the long, costly process of having my taxes filed tomorrow.  I think I will end that day with a visit and some shopping at a thrift shop or flea market.


Recipe for Whipped Cream Icing

April 3, 2017 Recipe for Whipped Cream Icing:  This post is short and sweet.  Years ago I loved using this icing between a chocolate cake that had 4 layers.  I spent time yesterday and a good chunk of today looking for it.  Finally, I went to the barn and looked through my mom's neatly filed recipes and there it was........
Whipped Cream Icing
1/2 cup Crisco
1/2 Cup Margarine
1 cup granulated sugar
Put first 3 ingredients together and beat until creamy.

Cook 1 cup milk & 4 Tbsp flour till a thick paste, cool.  Beat into first ingredients and whip to whipped cream consistency.  Add Flavoring to taste.


The Tower - Whole New Ballgame.....................BUCKLE UP!

April 1, 2017 - I drug out the old Tarot Cards a couple of days ago:  Yesterday it was the DEATH card, and today I received the TOWER!   I know the Death card doesn't usually mean physical death but some type of transformation.  Not so bad.  However, my past experience with the Tower is another story.  I received this card repeatedly before my divorce back in 1995 so whenever it appears (especially if consistently), I know it is time to fasten your seatbelt for a rocky ride.

Shown at the left are two versions of the Tower card.  At left is from the Rider Waite Deck and on the right is from Bascball Tarot Cards.  I actually love the Baseball deck.  Now for the meaning:
According to the Baseball Deck:
Sometimes a bolt comes out of the blue and everything's changed.  Even in the worst cases, the lightning that brings destruction also brings illumination and a bracing demand for a fresh start.

When this card appears in a reading......Startling changes may be on their way.  Whole New Ballgame suggests various types of breakdowns and alterations, including endings, realignments, or disclosures of hidden aspects of well-established relationships, organizations or belief systems.  At these times, denial is counterproductive and resistance is futile.  You have no say in whether or not the change should happen; your only choice is how you deal with it.

Another interpretation from Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom: The universe and the human mind will not allow us to stay forever imprisoned in our towers of illusion and repression.  If we cannot free ourselves peacefully, then the forces of life will arrange an explosion!

If receiving this card isn't an April Fools Joke, all I can say is BUCKLE UP!