Saturday April 29,2017 Gypsy Cupboard Doll

April 29,2017 - It is a rainy Saturday and I will be going to a crawfish (going, not eating) boil at Mudbugs (even the name is disgusting) this afternoon. They do have other good food so I am happy to go ------ I just don't like crawfish!  Then......

I think I will go to the library and make a copy of this pattern that is sold to someone on EBay.  I listed it because I figured I would never get around to making it but it is sooooo cool!  I can see it being made up as a goddess, a gypsy, or some other character and holding your prized possessions.  I have a couple days to get it done.  The listing (click on the link at left) doesn't go off for a couple more days. 

My last post was the day I went to the gyenocologist.....still no word from that test.  Then, my chemo/blood doctor sent me last SUNDAY (4/22/2017) for a renal Doppler test.  Like it was so urgent he had me go on a SUNDAY!  And.........been a week now and no info on those results.  

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