4/4/2017 - Tuesday down.....

Today started out with a trip to the Indy gynecologist.  I am still having to go every 3-4 months, ugh. Enough about that.......I was out of there and on my way to lunch at Mudbugs with Randy.   He loves seafood and although I am not much of seafood fan they had a wonderful Cajun flavored pulled pork dip sandwich that I would definitely order again.  And, will have that opportunity because later this month is some kind of a critter/crawdad boil that he has plans to attend.  On the way to the parked car we passed an antique store.  I did a little looking around and found this rather unique piece.  I like odd things but I do not see anything about this that would make me want to have it setting around my place, especially not at $245.  If someone wants buttons, they should buy my button embellished jean blazer below. It has been listed on Ebay, but no takers.  I think I will give it another try. 

So, I ended this day on a happy note.  Now, I just need to get through the long, costly process of having my taxes filed tomorrow.  I think I will end that day with a visit and some shopping at a thrift shop or flea market.

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