A Dream:  A few years ago I had a dream about an encounter with a guide/angel.  Until I find my notes, the only thing that has stuck with me all these years is the message I received . . . . . USE CLOVE OIL.

I did buy a bottle but like a lot of my plans, follow-thru didn't happen.  I have all my oils out again and hope to begin using some regularly.  Clove Oil is one of the lesser expensive oils.  I believe this may be one of the reasons it is never recommended through some of the distributors and practioners.  It takes care of about everything so who needs Helichrysum!!???//// 

The following information from Backdoor Survival shows the many benefits of this inexpensive oil:

Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal:  Effective aid for food poisoning, clove oil effectively kills many forms of bacterial infections. Clove is also effective in reducing fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

Anti-inflammatory: Clove oil clears the respiratory passages, acting as an expectorant for treating many upper-respiratory conditions including colds, eye sties, bronchitis, sinus conditions, cough and asthma.

Antiseptic:  Clove oil can be used to reduce infections, wounds, insect bites and stings.

Cancer Prevention: Preliminary studies suggest that clove oil may play a chemo preventative role, particularly in cases of lung, skin and digestive cancers. The American Cancer Society states that more carefully controlled research is needed to determine the role of Chinese herbal medicine, including cloves, in cancer treatment and prevention.

Cardiovascular Health: The active essential oil in clove, eugenol, has been shown to act as a an effective platelet inhibitor, preventing blood clots.

Energy booster: When used for aromatherapy purposes, clove oil helps to stimulate the brain. The scent makes you more attentive and can even make you feel more energetic than you normally would.

Improve blood circulation. Clove bud oil is one of the ingredients used in Tiger Balm , which is an herbal formulation that dates back to the times of the Chinese emperors. It is used to sooth muscle aches and pains and is though to do so by increasing the blood flow in the affected area.

Indigestion: Clove oil offers a powerful action against gas and bloating. It reduces gas pressure in the stomach, aiding in the proper elimination of food and toxins. It also relieves the discomfort of peptic ulcers. Effective for stomach related conditions including nausea, hiccups, motion sickness and vomiting.

Infections: Due to its antiseptic properties, clove oil is useful for wound, cuts, scabies, athlete’s foot, fungal infections, bruises, prickly heat, scabies, etc. It can also be used for treating insect bites and stings.

Powerful germicidal properties: Gargling with clove oil can aids in sore throat conditions and bad breath.

Premature Ejaculation:  Some research has shown that clove may be useful as a aid for premature ejaculation.

Relieve flatulence: A tea made of cloves can relieve the foof’s. Try steeping 5 cloves in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink it when it cools and repeat two of three times daily.

Relieve headaches: Clove oil is useful for reducing the pain and discomfort associated with tension headaches. Apply a rag soaked in clove oils to the forehead or temples to get help open the blood vessels and rid yourself of the headache.

Skin:  An aid for skin disorders, such as acne.

Stress reliever:  Clove oil stimulates the circulatory system, clearing the mind and reducing mental exhaustion and fatigue. It is also used to aid insomnia, memory loss, anxiety and depression.

Prevention from toxic exposure:  Some studies show that clove oil can prevent toxicity related to exposure to environmental pollution.

Make Your Own Clove Oil
Clove oil is easy to make at home.
Take 1/8 cup whole clove and cover with 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. Let sit overnight or for as long as 24 hours then strain and you are all set.
The Final Word
Remember that  clove oil is very strong in nature and hence should be used in diluted form. Further, it should not be used on sensitive skin.  That said, cloves and clove oil are inexpensive and useful for a variety of purposes and ailments.   And for a tooth ache?  Well in my view it sure beats strong pain relievers that require a prescription.


Butterfly Ladder


August 16,2014

To the right is an item I purchased at a yard sale.  It is known as a Butterfly Ladder.  A product of the 90's, this item is designed to turn bedsheets into window treatments. I think it will make an excellent scarf holder. I found a couple boxes (12 pcs like this) at a yard sale.  It is the width of a standard window and will hold about 35 scarves easily.  I am not sure where to hang this, but I will find a place!  The remaining pieces may end up in a rummage sale or who knows???????
The two boxes I purchased at the yard sale included an original bill of sale for over $150.

Saturday started with a quick trip to Pendleton to let my friend's cats out of the garage, pick up papers, etc.  Then on to the casino to swipe my card  - won a free buffet - run by home to pick up gloves and over to Ann's by 8:15 a.m.  We had loaded her truck yesterday with stuff for Tox-away day in New Castle.  Stuff included a huge tractor tire, water cooler base, air conditioner, 2 microwaves, cd player, 4 propane tanks, car tire.  Home by 10 a.m. but it was looking like rain and I changed my mind about setting up for the rummage sale in the church lot.  Instead, I ended up going to Indianapolis. 
First stop was the half-price bookstore, then on to the Fever basketball game.  Another busy day.


Busy Day 8/13/14 Wednesday

August 13, 2014


 Above are pictures taken at the Middletown Indiana Public Library.  They have a wonderful herb garden.

I started this day by heading to the rental sight and hauling up another big load of trash.  I also burned the old mattresses that were left in the storage shed as well as several pieces of the old lumber left lying around.  When I got finished back there, I got cleaned up and went to New Castle to touch base with the Indiana Title company.  I was hoping the lady there would help.  She did - by calling Millikan’s office and reminding them how long it had been, suggesting they do something.  She suggested I give them until next Tuesday.  Hopefully I will hear something next week!


Then on the way home I tried to contact my friend Lynda who is opening a yarn shop at her home.  I think it is a great effort but wonder where she will get customers/students.  For over a year we had meetings at the library and the group dwindled to nothing.  By the way she said she lived on Kennard Road before ---  Cadiz.


When I couldn’t catch her, I decided to head to North Anderson and turn in my Farm Service Agency information.  I sure thought that had been taken care of earlier this year.  Well, it is taken care of now so in the morning I can head over and let Randy’s cats out, collect the paper and head to Fit and Fun at the casino.


When I got back from the FSA, I started gathering up old propane tanks.  I hope to get some more stuff ready for Tox-Away: propane tanks, microwaves, old paint, electronics.  I wish the white van was working then I would take the old tractor tire and some of those other tires, too.  If I have to use another vehicle, I don’t what I will be able to load…..maybe Ann will drive her truck???????????????? 


Then, I took a load of ”renter” beer bottles to the recycle place in Middletown, returned books to the library there,  and headed to Randy’s for Cat Check-In.  They are all in for the night.  I got back to the farm around 10:00 pm.  All in all, a lot done or at least started.  I have a big list for tomorrow, too.




Another day of movin' and junkin'

This is Black Beauty loaded to the gills with stuff for the Anderson Rummage and Resale. I had planned to use the old white whale of a van, Moby, but it has developed a condition - antifreeze in the oil - and will have to be put down.

I am hoping Moby will make a couple more trips to the renter's site to pick up more trash.  Then I have hauling of scrap to get done, all before my insurance runs out on Moby September 1st. The guy who fixed my refrigerator and hot water heater yesterday may be interested in buying it.  He also works on cars so he can fix it for a lot less than the $1,200 estimate I heard. 

Further updates:  I got busy with a yard sale (make a whopping $10, but I live in the country and had no customers) on Saturday and forgot to watch my bid on the Herbal Tarot Cards.  Needless to say, I got outbid.  I've been ticked about that since it happened.  Guess I could look at it  like the yard sale saved me another $25. 

More news:  I have been waiting on an attorney since the last of April to handle a real estate transfer.  The last 2 times I have called he has not returned my call!  I am putting him at the top of my list now that the renter is out.

And the good stuff:  Well, it cost me a total of $275 ($100 for parts included here), but I finally have my hot water heater at the house working and the refrigerator at the apartment is working again, too.  I highly recommend the plumber/electrician all around guy who did the work for me.  He was over here 2 different days and made a trip to Castleton for parts.

Well, its off to the back to get a load of trash, then maybe another call to that attorney! 


My message for 8/8/14

Switch Hitter - Eleven of Wands/Page of Clubs -  Changing Creatively: Making changes especially in yourself. 

It is 6:oo a.m. and I am supposed to be having a yard sale today!  I don't have signs or change money.  Did I mention nothing is priced and it is supposed to rain.  Got to get moving.  A quick trip into town................results later.

Also have a bid in on a book and deck of cards dealing with Herbs.  Got my fingers crossed I remain the high bidder without having to make a higher bid.


My message from the Doreen Virtue Magical Unicorns Oracle Deck is very fitting.  I have been "pet-free" for quite some time and had no intentions of ever getting another animal.  However, after moving the renter out, I started feeding his abandoned cat!  She is an old cat - maybe 10.  I just read about someone losing their cat who was 18!  Oh, no!

Libra Daily Message: 
Quick message: You love and understand animals.

This card is a message from all animals and your own pets to let you know how much they appreciate you. Spend more time with animals, as they help you feel a sense of love that’s safe and sweet. Animals also help you play and have fun. So, take you dog (or a neighbour's) for a long walk, pet a kitten, feed some wild birds, or brush your little animal friend. And be sure to give your pet fresh water and food every day.