Butterfly Ladder


August 16,2014

To the right is an item I purchased at a yard sale.  It is known as a Butterfly Ladder.  A product of the 90's, this item is designed to turn bedsheets into window treatments. I think it will make an excellent scarf holder. I found a couple boxes (12 pcs like this) at a yard sale.  It is the width of a standard window and will hold about 35 scarves easily.  I am not sure where to hang this, but I will find a place!  The remaining pieces may end up in a rummage sale or who knows???????
The two boxes I purchased at the yard sale included an original bill of sale for over $150.

Saturday started with a quick trip to Pendleton to let my friend's cats out of the garage, pick up papers, etc.  Then on to the casino to swipe my card  - won a free buffet - run by home to pick up gloves and over to Ann's by 8:15 a.m.  We had loaded her truck yesterday with stuff for Tox-away day in New Castle.  Stuff included a huge tractor tire, water cooler base, air conditioner, 2 microwaves, cd player, 4 propane tanks, car tire.  Home by 10 a.m. but it was looking like rain and I changed my mind about setting up for the rummage sale in the church lot.  Instead, I ended up going to Indianapolis. 
First stop was the half-price bookstore, then on to the Fever basketball game.  Another busy day.

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