Another day of movin' and junkin'

This is Black Beauty loaded to the gills with stuff for the Anderson Rummage and Resale. I had planned to use the old white whale of a van, Moby, but it has developed a condition - antifreeze in the oil - and will have to be put down.

I am hoping Moby will make a couple more trips to the renter's site to pick up more trash.  Then I have hauling of scrap to get done, all before my insurance runs out on Moby September 1st. The guy who fixed my refrigerator and hot water heater yesterday may be interested in buying it.  He also works on cars so he can fix it for a lot less than the $1,200 estimate I heard. 

Further updates:  I got busy with a yard sale (make a whopping $10, but I live in the country and had no customers) on Saturday and forgot to watch my bid on the Herbal Tarot Cards.  Needless to say, I got outbid.  I've been ticked about that since it happened.  Guess I could look at it  like the yard sale saved me another $25. 

More news:  I have been waiting on an attorney since the last of April to handle a real estate transfer.  The last 2 times I have called he has not returned my call!  I am putting him at the top of my list now that the renter is out.

And the good stuff:  Well, it cost me a total of $275 ($100 for parts included here), but I finally have my hot water heater at the house working and the refrigerator at the apartment is working again, too.  I highly recommend the plumber/electrician all around guy who did the work for me.  He was over here 2 different days and made a trip to Castleton for parts.

Well, its off to the back to get a load of trash, then maybe another call to that attorney! 

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