My message from the Doreen Virtue Magical Unicorns Oracle Deck is very fitting.  I have been "pet-free" for quite some time and had no intentions of ever getting another animal.  However, after moving the renter out, I started feeding his abandoned cat!  She is an old cat - maybe 10.  I just read about someone losing their cat who was 18!  Oh, no!

Libra Daily Message: 
Quick message: You love and understand animals.

This card is a message from all animals and your own pets to let you know how much they appreciate you. Spend more time with animals, as they help you feel a sense of love that’s safe and sweet. Animals also help you play and have fun. So, take you dog (or a neighbour's) for a long walk, pet a kitten, feed some wild birds, or brush your little animal friend. And be sure to give your pet fresh water and food every day.

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