Busy Day 8/13/14 Wednesday

August 13, 2014


 Above are pictures taken at the Middletown Indiana Public Library.  They have a wonderful herb garden.

I started this day by heading to the rental sight and hauling up another big load of trash.  I also burned the old mattresses that were left in the storage shed as well as several pieces of the old lumber left lying around.  When I got finished back there, I got cleaned up and went to New Castle to touch base with the Indiana Title company.  I was hoping the lady there would help.  She did - by calling Millikan’s office and reminding them how long it had been, suggesting they do something.  She suggested I give them until next Tuesday.  Hopefully I will hear something next week!


Then on the way home I tried to contact my friend Lynda who is opening a yarn shop at her home.  I think it is a great effort but wonder where she will get customers/students.  For over a year we had meetings at the library and the group dwindled to nothing.  By the way she said she lived on Kennard Road before ---  Cadiz.


When I couldn’t catch her, I decided to head to North Anderson and turn in my Farm Service Agency information.  I sure thought that had been taken care of earlier this year.  Well, it is taken care of now so in the morning I can head over and let Randy’s cats out, collect the paper and head to Fit and Fun at the casino.


When I got back from the FSA, I started gathering up old propane tanks.  I hope to get some more stuff ready for Tox-Away: propane tanks, microwaves, old paint, electronics.  I wish the white van was working then I would take the old tractor tire and some of those other tires, too.  If I have to use another vehicle, I don’t what I will be able to load…..maybe Ann will drive her truck???????????????? 


Then, I took a load of ”renter” beer bottles to the recycle place in Middletown, returned books to the library there,  and headed to Randy’s for Cat Check-In.  They are all in for the night.  I got back to the farm around 10:00 pm.  All in all, a lot done or at least started.  I have a big list for tomorrow, too.



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