Job Update

4/20/15 -  All I can say is 3 am is pretty
early to get up.  I am working towards
making my get up time 3:30 by being
more prepared the night before.  I do not,
however, like having to go to bed early --
10 pm to get 5 hours of sleep assuming I go
to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.
That doesn't happen by the way.  I may have
to dig out my old hypnosis tape.  That worked
for me when I was employed on 3rd shift.

To the right is my new pair of shoes called
Sloggers.  I am watering plants for 8 hours
a day with lots of water puddles.  I have worn
these for a couple days but still manage to get
my pant legs and feet wet.  I can only hope it
feels good this summer when the temperature
is soaring.  Of course, my curly hair is a
complete mess in the outside windy, damp
conditions.  Good news is that garden employees can wear a hat.  Hopefully mine will be here
any day.  That will also cut some hair combing time off my morning getting-dressed routine! Yeah!!

Running the cash register is getting a little easier, too.  There are a few procedures I have not mastered, i.e. WIC, gift cards, ad matching, opening Wal-Mart charge, warranty applications, etc.  Even some of the coupons give me a problem.  I will just carry on!   I am constantly busy with the watering so I see nothing but the plants in my area.  I am therefore unable to tell customers where to find the fertilizer, fake owls, batteries and lawn furniture.  I guess I could go in on my day off and look over the area, or during lunch break.   That's pretty much the update.  I don't mind the work.  It is good exercise and boy can I feel it!  I hope I make it through the summer.  I did hire in as a "seasonal worker". 


I am cookin' today............

4/7/15 - Tuesday:  It is one of those damp Spring mornings.  I think some vegetable soup would be a good thing, so I will be off early for ingredients.  I should know how to make soup without a recipe by now; however, I always bring out the "Betty Crocker's New Dinner for Two" cook book for reference.  I received this book as a wedding gift back in 1965.  I use a lot of the recipes to this day, i.e. Snickerdoodles, meat loaf, stuffed green peppers, penuche icing to name a few.  The fact that the covers are off, pages are soiled, torn, and loose from the binding are clear indications the book has been well-used.

To the left is the recipe I will use today.  I do add lots of other ingredients and love shredded cabbage strips in the soup over noodles. I guess the addition of marjoram, parsley and thyme is one of the flavor keys.

Speaking of key ingredients,  the addition of juice from one lemon added to bean soup makes a big difference I think.  I've been told that Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, said if he could only have one seasoning, it would be black pepper. It might be a good idea to start adding a little more to my cooking.


Water is not my friend.................

4/6/15 - I am hoping the mailman brings the replacement part I need for my bathroom faucet.  This will be the 3rd time I have had to make this repair.  It has something to do with the anti-scald valve.  After use, it becomes so clogged, hot water will no longer come out of the faucet  The old valve is shown in the picture.  The Pfister company sends a free replacement but the inconvenience of having to replace it is annoying.  Not to mention that I am not the best plumber and I am always concerned that I will break something,

Then, the water heater at the garage apartment has not received much use this winter.  I had to use it yesterday since I do not have hot water in my bathroom shower/tub area.  Just look what one shower did to my silver ring..............I guess it is the sulfur in the water.  This is the same ring I photographed a couple of days ago - my last post on Lapis Lazuli and Cobalt Blue. Now the ring looks almost copper.  It will clean up but it takes some rubbing.   Ahhhhhh!  Country living! 


Lapis Lazuli my current stone and Cobalt Blue

4/1/15 - A stone that has been popping up and calling for my attention is the Lapis Lazuli.  Lapis Lazuli is a stone of manifestation, communication, protection.  It helps with organization, dream recall and contact with guardian spirits.  My attraction to the stone started last year.  I found a Lapis ring that fit perfectly at a yard sale.  Then,  a Lapis Lazuli bracelet caught my eye in the gift shop at the casino.   I had earned several $$$ worth of points the past couple of years.  I don't like most of the gift shop items because they are glitzy, sequiny, leopard printy, Bobby Shandra labeled, resort-wear-style clothes and everything waaaay overpriced.   However, I decided to spend my points on the Lapis piece.....actually quite a few points = to $170.  There is also a ring that matches the bracelet in the gift shop priced at $140.

 My original strategy was to not waste my points by turning them into gambling credits.  I was going to use them to get a sure thing.  After buying the bracelet with my points,  I checked Ebay and found some nice Lapis rings, including shipping under $10!  I may take a new strategy and use my points to gamble with the hope of hitting something.  Even if I only make $10 it will be enough to get a ring!  ........................  In the photo with the bracelet and ring are a couple other Lapis pieces that I have had for years but never wore until this recent attraction to the stone.  Now, for the properties of this stone  There is a nice article on the stone and its properties available here.

Another blue item has popped up in my life.  This Wal-Mart associate vest.  I was hired 3/28/15 to work in the Lawn and Garden area.  I actually am looking forward to tending all the little plant allies.  Perhaps this is the event the Tower was forewarning.  A total upset in the routine of my life status which was "retired" for oooohhhh, say 10 years.