Job Update

4/20/15 -  All I can say is 3 am is pretty
early to get up.  I am working towards
making my get up time 3:30 by being
more prepared the night before.  I do not,
however, like having to go to bed early --
10 pm to get 5 hours of sleep assuming I go
to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.
That doesn't happen by the way.  I may have
to dig out my old hypnosis tape.  That worked
for me when I was employed on 3rd shift.

To the right is my new pair of shoes called
Sloggers.  I am watering plants for 8 hours
a day with lots of water puddles.  I have worn
these for a couple days but still manage to get
my pant legs and feet wet.  I can only hope it
feels good this summer when the temperature
is soaring.  Of course, my curly hair is a
complete mess in the outside windy, damp
conditions.  Good news is that garden employees can wear a hat.  Hopefully mine will be here
any day.  That will also cut some hair combing time off my morning getting-dressed routine! Yeah!!

Running the cash register is getting a little easier, too.  There are a few procedures I have not mastered, i.e. WIC, gift cards, ad matching, opening Wal-Mart charge, warranty applications, etc.  Even some of the coupons give me a problem.  I will just carry on!   I am constantly busy with the watering so I see nothing but the plants in my area.  I am therefore unable to tell customers where to find the fertilizer, fake owls, batteries and lawn furniture.  I guess I could go in on my day off and look over the area, or during lunch break.   That's pretty much the update.  I don't mind the work.  It is good exercise and boy can I feel it!  I hope I make it through the summer.  I did hire in as a "seasonal worker". 

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