Lapis Lazuli my current stone and Cobalt Blue

4/1/15 - A stone that has been popping up and calling for my attention is the Lapis Lazuli.  Lapis Lazuli is a stone of manifestation, communication, protection.  It helps with organization, dream recall and contact with guardian spirits.  My attraction to the stone started last year.  I found a Lapis ring that fit perfectly at a yard sale.  Then,  a Lapis Lazuli bracelet caught my eye in the gift shop at the casino.   I had earned several $$$ worth of points the past couple of years.  I don't like most of the gift shop items because they are glitzy, sequiny, leopard printy, Bobby Shandra labeled, resort-wear-style clothes and everything waaaay overpriced.   However, I decided to spend my points on the Lapis piece.....actually quite a few points = to $170.  There is also a ring that matches the bracelet in the gift shop priced at $140.

 My original strategy was to not waste my points by turning them into gambling credits.  I was going to use them to get a sure thing.  After buying the bracelet with my points,  I checked Ebay and found some nice Lapis rings, including shipping under $10!  I may take a new strategy and use my points to gamble with the hope of hitting something.  Even if I only make $10 it will be enough to get a ring!  ........................  In the photo with the bracelet and ring are a couple other Lapis pieces that I have had for years but never wore until this recent attraction to the stone.  Now, for the properties of this stone  There is a nice article on the stone and its properties available here.

Another blue item has popped up in my life.  This Wal-Mart associate vest.  I was hired 3/28/15 to work in the Lawn and Garden area.  I actually am looking forward to tending all the little plant allies.  Perhaps this is the event the Tower was forewarning.  A total upset in the routine of my life status which was "retired" for oooohhhh, say 10 years. 

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