Baseball Tarot Book & Deck by Mark Lerner & Laura Philips

3/27/15 - It looks like today may be a good day to stay in and work on some positive affirmations.  I usually draw 3 Tarot Cards every day for a little insight.  For several months, I have been using the Baseball Tarot Deck by Mark Lerner & Laura Philips. This deck gets a two thumbs up rating from me.  The back of the book describes this deck as follows:

 LESSONS OF THE GAME, LESSONS OF LIFE.  Are you batting a thousand or in a slump?  Has your boss thrown you a curve or caught you off base?  Baseball actions have become metaphors for life, and BASEBALL TAROT applies these metaphors as a means of finding insight into love, work, relationships, dreams, decisions, dilemmas, and virtually any other personal issue.  Expertly translated from traditional tarot, it is an enterraining and accessible way to seek guidance and advice through familiar baseball situations, players and lingo.  From the All-Star to the Umpire, from Error to Grand Slam, each card image evokes the card's original meanings.  The book explains how to pose questions, lay out the cards and interpret the answers for yourself and for others.  It's insightful and inspiring.  Now step up to the plate!...............

Yes, step up to the plate!  Even if not a seasoned Tarot reader,  you can get a sense of what is brewing with the three cards I have today:

Nine of Balls - Strikeout - mourning a loss
XVI Whole new Ball Game (traditional Major Arcana Card would be The Tower) - shocking change, deeper truth comes out
Seven of Balls - Spitball - unethical means

On a positive note, Balls represent a traditional Tarot deck's swords so they refer to conflicts within one's mind, as well as with others.  Therefore although a change is definitely coming (the Tower/whole new ball game) maybe my thoughts are what make this seem unfair and a lot worse than it really is........................... 
****I must admit The Tower/Whole New Ball Game is not one of my favorite cards.  I remember years ago there was a time when almost every reading I would draw/receive the Tower.  That was the time prior to my divorce.  Just saying, I have respect for the cards when the same message comes through repeatedly.

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