Car Update

3/7/15 - Well, I finally made the plunge and
purchased a car with my winnings.  I got
this Cocoa Silver 2015 Buick Encore.  I kept
trying to find one with the real shinny chrome
wheels but finally gave up.  I am kind of glad
I did. I really like the wheels on white and some
of the darker colors; however, I saw one like this
with the wheels and it really didn't look as good
as mine.  Yeah!  Finally starting to like this little
car a lot better,  I got the moon roof and AWD so
I am happy,

Pictured on the right is a Nissan Juke.  It was several thousand dollars cheaper than the Buick and I really liked the look.  Only problem is that it doesn't look like a car a 60-something old lady should be driving ...... even in a more subdued color.  So, I opted for the old-lady Buick. 

Another car I considered was a hatchback Ford Focus.  Again, it looked like something a younger person would drive.

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