One month later..........................

3/4/15 - I am finally making an attempt to
get back to this blog.  Last month there was
so much trouble with my computer connection
that I finally just gave up and took a break.

This morning I am preparing to make a 100
mile trip to Aurora, IN to visit my dentist. 
Today they are predicting 3-5 inches of snow
WHERE............Southeastern Indiana!  

I have spent the last 2 days preparing my resume.
Hopefully I will get some job applications completed soon.  I am looking forward to a part time job.  I don't think I want anything full time.
And, I hope someone wants me at all!

Here is something I have started doing during this cold weather.  I completed one puzzle found in the barn.  I am now working on this 3-D round, plastic puzzle.  Maybe I can coat it with something and use it for a garden globe.  It has fairies and flowers as a theme.

I just heard that it is going to be snowing by the bucketfulls in Cincinnati!!!!!!!!!!!  BAH!!!!!!!!

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