Circles in the Square

3/6/15 - To the left is a knitted circle I completed quite some time ago.  I still do not know how I am going to use it.  I had originally thought I would put it in a frame of plexiglass and hang it in the moon garden area. Then I thought a handbag, or motif for a jean jacket or sweater back............. I suppose a throw pillow would work.  I have copied the free pattern for the pillows to my computer.  It is from Red Heart called Circle in the Square Pillows  .  The picture to rhe right is their completed version. There is also a similar pattern for a throw called Circles in Square Throw.

I found the pattern for the stars and moon in a book by Nicky Epstein entitled Knitting in Circles.  this lady is super talented.   I have only done colorwork knitting a couple of times on smaller pieces.  I definitely need more practice because this one has a few puckers where I didn't allow enough yarn. 

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