Spring Clean Up

3/20/15 - I have gotten a lot done in the last couple of days. I cleaned the well house.  It had been invaded by mice or ground squirrels or both.  They chewed away at the little door trying to gain access.  They have done so much damage to it that I may have to rebuild it! I had to throw away the blanket I use for additional insulation because they had it in shreds also.  Here is a before cleanup photo showing how they chewed the Styrofoam insulation I use to insulate the pipes in the well.  What a mess...............
 I have moved and burned the big pile of wood that sat in my yard all winter as a result of the big maple limb coming down. The wheelbarrow contains the last few logs that I will burn in the fireplace this afternoon.

My herb garden area has also been cleared. 

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