Goddess necklace - cystal, pearl and leather

This is an upcycled piece made from a discarded earring. She is a combination of wild woman and sophisticated lady. This OOAK upcycled goddess necklace features found vintage components, faux pearl, bone, and glass beads. The handcrafted leather spirit goddess is suspended from a 1-1/2" bone bead and holds a small natural crystal point above her head. She is approximately 4", chain length 22"


Teapot Tissue Covers

Several weeks ago I started to make some Teapot Tissue Covers. The sewing machine I am using is one that my parents gave to me for a Christmas gift. I think it was around 1970, or earlier. It does basic stitches, nothing fancy. I don't know if the machine is the problem or if I really just do not like to sew, but it certainly is taking me a long time to complete these.


Shamrock Seed Bead Earrings

Here are some earrings I created for a March "Make Something Green" Contest being sponsored by the You Can Sell It Guild of Artfire.
The color in this picture is really off. Yesterday I tried to take a picture outside. I couldn't see anything on the screen. There is no "viewfinder". I guess a $99 camera has it's drawbacks. I can probably do some adjustments for the color problem, but how do you fix nothing showing on the screen?