13 Original Clan Mothers

I listed the 13 Original Clan Mothers as one of my interests. I did a blog search and found no one else who listed this as an interest. Branches magazine has a scheduled event listed on the west side of Indianapolis: A Clan Mother Gathering is held at 7 p.m. the Thursday closest to the full moon, near Cloverdale, to share the teachings of the 13 Original Clan Mothers. 765/721-0339.

I would like to attend this group sometime in order to meet new people, but it is farther away from me than the Turquoise Marble in Batesville where they are starting a study of the Clan Mothers in January. "Turquoise Marble Teaching Center is a diverse community
dedicated to teaching the sacredness and right relationship of all Creation
," and I have known the founder, Grandfather Warren Ramey, for over 20 years. I also have several friends who attend events held at the center and am looking forward to the teachings.

I became familiar with the Clan Mother teachings through a book study held at TMLC. For a better idea of what the teachings will be about, here is a book review by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat:

Jamie Sams is of Seneca, Cherokee and French descent. For the past 18 years, the co-author of The Medicine Cards has been developing an ancient feminine wisdom system passed on to her by two Kiowa Grandmothers. The 13 Original Clan Mothers is the result of her labors. Here she shares the stories, totems, and talents which come with each cycle of the moon. This poetic and soul-stirring volume probes the multidimensional aspects of feminine transformation.
The ancient teachings of the sisterhood encourage a respect for all relations, all worlds, and all mysteries. Women are challenged to seek the truth through dreams, impressions, prophecy. They must be good listeners and mothers of creativity. They are the guardians of the needs of the next seven generations. That means they must seek justice, self-determination, and balance right now.
In Native American tradition, a woman comes into her full spiritual powers around the age of 52. Those who want to bring to life the Looks Far Woman, the Walks Tall Woman, the Setting Sun Woman, and other interior aspects will be enlightened and emboldened by this extraordinary book.

And, a quick introduction to a couple of Clan Mothers: First, there is Wisdom Keeper. the Protectress of Sacred Traditions. She teaches us the arts of self-development and expansion and shows us how to honor the truth. Also, Clan Mother, Weaves the Web, the mother of creativity and the manifestor of dreams. She teaches us how to use our desire to create, bring our dreams into tangible forms, and work with the truth. Another Clan Mother, Listening Woman, the mother of stillness and inner-knowing, the keeper of discernment, the interpreter of messages from the spirit world. She teaches us how to hear the truth. Becomes Her Vision, the guardian of transformation and transmutation. She teaches us how to release the old self and step into the realized dream; how to be the truth. . . . Interest piqued? Join our group, read the book, become a role model.

By the way men are attending also. There will be teachings with men and women together, then we will divide up for further discussion.


Here's what's wrong with the world. . . . .

In my opinion, this is what is wrong with the world. . . .Too many electrical ions or bions or reons (whatever they are called) floating around in the atmosphere. Intruding on our brains.
I have an old house, not many electical outlets. It was built before everyone had a computer, a television, a phone w/answering machine, etc, etc, etc in every room! My bedrooms have one electrical outlet - sufficient for a light, an alarm - not sufficient for today's world. Am I going to have to build a new house to accomodate gadgets? I thought their purpose was to simplify life, not complicate it.
I've always said computers are needy - need a desk, need a printer, need software, need a connection to internet, need updating, need security, need, need, need!!!! We should get a tax deduction for every computer we support!


Interesting, very interesting. . . .

This house, located about 1/2 mile north of mine, sold earlier this year. I have never met my new neighbors. I'm not sure if they are friendly or not because they are flying this Pirate Flag. What kind of people do you suppose would fly a Skull and Crossbones flag?
Interesting, very interesting. . . . .


Hee Haw. . . .

My self esteem must be in the toilet. . . . this is how I went to town today. Those are two "Buffy-style" ponytails; and, the photo really doesn't show how huge the mans plaid, insulated shirt was on me. The good news is I didn't stink.
One time I read a book with a quote saying "the important thing about old people is they don't stink." That really struck me as true. Think about it......If they don't stink, they are probably being well cared for or still able and interested enough in life to take care of themselves. So, the important thing for old people is - they don't stink.
As far as my appearance ----syrup on a buffalo chip does not a pancake make. . . . oh, well, it is Anderson, Indiana - - - - Hee Haw!

Tip from my mom. . .

This isn't a very pretty picture but it is something I find myself doing and I picked it up from my mother. All week long she would throw paper things in the fireplace that would normally go in the trash. Then, when it was time to start a fire, it was easy to get it going without hunting for papers, etc.
I've read about making fire starters with egg cartons...... the following link contains a few suggestions for homemade fire starters from Good Sam Camping Club: http://www.lovetheoutdoors.com/camping/Tips/firestarters.htm


Not just snow. . . .

This morning we had our first visible dusting of snow for the 2008 winter/fall season. Not just plain "snow" like in the old days. This was "lake effect" snow. So, be careful if you are driving because there is also some of that "black ice" on the roads. Weatherman jargon kind of irritates me.

Ever hear this joke? One friend asked the other friend, "While in Florida, how did you find the weather?" "Oh," says his friend, "I just went outside and there it was."

Kind of how I feel about the importance of weathermen.....so often they are wrong, and usually if you just look outside you have a pretty good idea of what's happening in your neck of the woods.


Sisters on the Fly - Cowgirl College

Here's the scoop on Sisters on the Fly: Ever wanted to throw off everyday cares (or lifelong worries) and for , fees ranging from $200 to $2000, spend some time fly fishing under Montanna's "big sky" or learning to ride, rope, and herd cattle at Cowgirl College in Wyoming - martini in hand?

"Sisters on the Fly" is a unique group of women who love to fly fish, ride horses and caravan in vintage trailers.
“We are average women having extraordinary adventures,” said organizer Maurrie Sussman. And they just happen to be doing those adventures in lavishly decorated travel trailers, many painted with outlandish murals.
It sounds like great fun to me and you can read all about it Read about it here: "Sisterhood hitting the road in style."


The class. . . .

Last night I attended a class at the local library on making a pomander. There were about 15 people present and it was given by a gentleman, Steve, who went to my old high school. We never got around to actually making the pomander but were sent home with an orange and little sack of cloves to complete the project at our leisure. I thought maybe he had a new type pomander, but this one will be fun.

We were given lots of decorating ideas. Steve suggested using Sycamore leaves since they last, and last and hardly deteriorate. His first centerpiece was a piece of white birch (cut from his property, and he had others for sale for $1). They were drilled to hold candles. He set this on the leaves, added some bearded wheat, and other dried fall stuff – very pretty He brought in hedge apples, pine tree clippings, holly, bittersweet, pine tree cones, berries, etc

Some of his ideas:

-Drill a hole in a hedge apple and use it for a candleholder.
-Suggested using a couple types of pine foliage for texture and color on the mantle. One of his favorites was using white gourds, greenery, and hedge apples. He added some dried purple statice……and that was really eyecatching.
- He is a fan of Colonial Williamsburg and showed a florists accessory that sits inside a candlestick allowing you to turn it into a floral centerpiece, then by sticking another little plastic piece in the center of your florists foam, you have a place for your stick candle.
- He made little Christmas trees in clay pots, using pine tree clippings bunched together made to resemble miniature Christmas trees, then stuck in Styrofoam which is hidden by spafgum moss placed around the base.
- He says he always just uses a bowl of Holly for his centerpiece…..no pinecones, just traditional holly – maybe a couple candles on either side.
- Also from Colonial Williamsburg, a wooden, foot high, cone shape, with nails so you could stick on real fruit, filling in the gaps with greenery. I guess they use a lot of fruits for decorating at Williamsburg –
- Gave some wreath decorating tips and ideas
- Used a shallow circular tray, filled it with sycamore leaves, crushed pine needles, dried apples, dried oranges, berries, nuts, wheat, etc…..then sprinkled it with essential oils for a potpourri centerpiece – Oh, he put a candle in the center.
- Steve recommended trying some of the new flickering battery operated candles
- Steve suggested the San Francisco Herb company found on the internet is a great place to shop for dried items, essential oils and other decorating essentials

Did I mention refreshments and a door prize? I enjoyed the evening.


A little bit gypsy. . . .

I’m kind of proud of myself. I went through my closets and gathered 28 pair of slacks, a dozen pair of shoes, several dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts and sweaters to donate to the Goodwill Store. I need to toss out a lot more and it’s getting easier to let go; however, this mini-jean skirt?…..Well, I’m 62 years old and I know I won’t be wearing it…….but – the gypsy in me just wanted to hold onto it. After all, I could use those little jangly things on a jean jacket or something!