Sisters on the Fly - Cowgirl College

Here's the scoop on Sisters on the Fly: Ever wanted to throw off everyday cares (or lifelong worries) and for , fees ranging from $200 to $2000, spend some time fly fishing under Montanna's "big sky" or learning to ride, rope, and herd cattle at Cowgirl College in Wyoming - martini in hand?

"Sisters on the Fly" is a unique group of women who love to fly fish, ride horses and caravan in vintage trailers.
“We are average women having extraordinary adventures,” said organizer Maurrie Sussman. And they just happen to be doing those adventures in lavishly decorated travel trailers, many painted with outlandish murals.
It sounds like great fun to me and you can read all about it Read about it here: "Sisterhood hitting the road in style."

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