Hee Haw. . . .

My self esteem must be in the toilet. . . . this is how I went to town today. Those are two "Buffy-style" ponytails; and, the photo really doesn't show how huge the mans plaid, insulated shirt was on me. The good news is I didn't stink.
One time I read a book with a quote saying "the important thing about old people is they don't stink." That really struck me as true. Think about it......If they don't stink, they are probably being well cared for or still able and interested enough in life to take care of themselves. So, the important thing for old people is - they don't stink.
As far as my appearance ----syrup on a buffalo chip does not a pancake make. . . . oh, well, it is Anderson, Indiana - - - - Hee Haw!

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  1. this blog about old people don't stink made me laugh -- every time I hand my mother a warm soapy washcloth and ask her to bathe, she smells her pajamas and tells me they don't stink!!! And I have come to the conclusion that I won't fight her on it! I also think not only do you have outer beauty but you have an inner sense of humor that is very appealing! YOU GO GIRL!