Interesting, very interesting. . . .

This house, located about 1/2 mile north of mine, sold earlier this year. I have never met my new neighbors. I'm not sure if they are friendly or not because they are flying this Pirate Flag. What kind of people do you suppose would fly a Skull and Crossbones flag?
Interesting, very interesting. . . . .


  1. Any member of the Skull & Bones society among whose members included Percy Rockefeller, John Kerry and George Bush.


    The skull and crossed leg bones symbol dates back to the Knights Templar, predessors of the Scottish Rite and the order of Freemasons.

    The guy living there might be a U.S. senator or a Mason. (?)

  2. Could be......but I think he's a wanna be Pirate. It should be up for Halloween but seems like that flag is down now. I'll check it out next time I drive by. Thanks for your input. - Chris